The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fireworks a Blast, Production a Dud

What a show!!!
Fireworks are the star attraction, and the blasts were spectacular, and because of that I hope no one went away dissapointed.

Taking fireworks pictures with a digital camera is a challenge. I miss the days of my Minolta 35mm slr camera.

I commend the mayor for getting a permit to produce the fireworks show, and the Chamber of Commerce for pulling it off. To the chamber's defense, the Tribune did report that they were asked at the last minute to put on a pre-show program. But the paper did not say that there would be no pre-show program. No speeches, no music, no shaved ice, no moon walk. Just free watermelon from Bessemer Opinions. And thanks to The Bessemer Historical Homeowners Association (whose members were there in mass) for donating one of the 4 watermelons we distributed.

It was easy to see that this is not an election year. Only two elected city officials were present, that being Sarah Belcher and Jesse Matthews. (I admit others could have been there without me seeing them). The biggest city event of the year, and the most patriotic day of the year and the majority of council members stay away. I would have thought someone would have made a speech. I would have!

Many people complained of ants and at least one woman said she was not picking her toes, she was removing ants that were biting her. Recommendation: On July 3, 2008, spray the park for ants.

This picture reminds me of something I saw on the video screens in arcade games in the 80's.

The biggest fiasco was at the clubhouse. The public restrooms were locked. Oops. But there was an event going on inside the clubhouse, surely they would let watermelon-logged patriots in to use the facilities. Nope. The clubhouse event PIC (peson in charge) stood her ground with arms crossed while kids stood theirs with legs crossed. The PIC threatened to call the police. Jesse Matthews called the parks director. The convenience store restroom (across dangerous Highway 150) offered relief. The police asked the PIC to allow the restroom to be used, but the PIC stood firm. A true patriot. Really makes you wonder: what were the PIC and her cronies doing in there that they would not even allow the police to come in.

As it turns out, the clubhouse has not been rented out on the 4th of July for as long as anyone can remember. The parks director said that it is not supposed to be rented out on that day. So who goofed up and rented it out?

But Hispanics, blacks, whites, young and old, gay and straight, enjoyed watemelon and fireworks, because those in attendence were not going to let the bullheadedness of one individual (the PIC)or the confusion wrought by the LIC (leaders in charge) ruin their day.

Thanks Jesse and Sarah, for taking part in this years Independence Day Big Show.

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Anonymous said...

I got there late, about 8:45 or so and the ANTS were awful. Today I have blisters from the bites. I hope there was enough said about them that park and rec will treat for the ants immediately and not let citizens suffer in one of the few parks we have. I am sure they were unaware of the problem but lets hope its not a continuing problem. BIG THANK YOU to the City for pulling off fireworks. They were wonderful and appreciated.

Do we know what organization that it was that was mistakenly allowed to rent the facilities yesterday evening? Also, the building has exterior facilities also and the police were directing traffic on that side of the building so why weren't those facilities open? I was told they were unlocked upon request late in the evening after the fiasco with the PIC. I believe Andrew Bennett is the park and rec director. Was he not on site last night to see that this event was managed correctly with regards to his facilities? I suppose not.

Its my opinion, and since this is an opinions blog, that one of our cities biggest downfalls is the lack of parks and rec programs. It was painfully brought back to my attention last night at fireworks and the conditions of Roosevelt Park. Pipe Shop community got a new park this year and that is something that we should demand yearly that the city revamp old parks and create new parks.