The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cats Make the most Interesting Stories

I woke up this morning thinking it would be a great day, and so far it is, but not what I was expecting. Remember the building on 19th St. S. in Bessemer that I have featured on here from time to time that really needs to come down. Last night I got a phone call that a bulldozer had been unloaded next to the building and that it would come down first thing this morning.

Well it's noon and the bulldozer has not moved, and of course the building has not either.

So I called the number on the side of the machine and spoke with a lady who told me yes it is coming down, but she is not sure if it will be today or tomorrow or when. But it looks like the first objective and the number one priority of the Bessemer Neighborhood Association will be achieved soon.

Next up: animal abuse.

And interestingly enough, the local dog fighting issue has moved from the Western Tribune which first reported it to The Birmingham News where this article describes fighting in Bessemer. Soon the issues of dog fighting and animal abuse will be before the Bessemer City Council and the mayor. The Bessemer Neighborhood Association will not let these issues be ignored any longer.

Two cat stories, sort of. This one, about a cat who curls up beside nursing home residents just hours before they die is wonderful. With great accuracy tthe cat predicts when death will occur, giving a heads up to staff members and families of residents, and even doing better than a doctor at predicting death in at least one instance. story Wonderful because it gives families a chance to know they need to get down there quick.

Now this cat is different. This is an educational cat, of sorts, named Pinkie. Since I was writing about the death penalty yesterday, this is very appropriate, because it shows us who the Father of Modern Capital Punishment is. Thomas Edison Hates Cats There is no cat abuse shown in this video. An elephant maybe, but...just watch.

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Anonymous said...

same thing is happening here.
city hall is coming down in lipscomb.
i have watched living cats turn into black plastic bags right before my eyes in lipscomb.