The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Cheney's Day's Numbered? Plus Live Earth

Schools across the nation will soon be changing their lesson plans for American government. I believe it was in the 11th grade that I had the subject and learned how our government functions, er, functioned. Now they must be changing the textbooks so that students can learn about the four branches of government. You remember; the executive, the legislative, the judicial, and the cheney branch.

Without the addition of the cheney branch of government, we could not have all the checks and imbalances that we have now. Things like the monopoly “get out of jail free” card for your friends. The outing of covert (oh yes she was) CIA agents (and the endangerment of all the people she associated with in her “job” at Brewster Jennings or wherever else she worked).

Manipulating intelligence. No, I don’t mean working with the president’s intelligence, although what little he has needs manipulating. I’m talking about national security, that kind of intelligence. Manipulating intelligence and purposely deceiving the congress and citizens of the U.S.

We can help prevent the cheney branch of government from taking over by urging his impeachment. Read Robert Greenwald of The Huffington Post and view the number one youtube video that outlines the articles of impeachment.

Huffington Post

Saturday was Live Earth and if you didn’t watch parts of the event you missed out. Great music, from all over the world, and to bring awareness to a cause that only those with no concern for our world would chose to ignore, or even deny, and that is global warming. Events from all seven continents, including Antarctica, where a few scientists performed for the cameras and some penguins, made for a day that hopefully will be turning point in the battle to save our planet as we know it today.

Visit Live Earth and you can watch and listen to all the artists that performed. Snow Patrol, Madonna, Joss Stone, James Blunt and more. Of course you can also learn more about the climate crisis and environmental issues, and there are links to SOS, The Alliance for Climate Protection and National Geographic’s environmental sites.

It is beyond me why some would want to ignore this looming crisis. While there really is no real debate that our planet’s climate is changing, and if you look at the science, no debate that humankind is playing a major role in this, some chose to fight efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, for example. They would rather sit back and criticize science while the flooding of places like Bangladesh and South Beach looms in the not so distant future. They think the world is in chaos now, just wait until millions and millions are displaced by slowly rising waters and mass migrations are occurring forcing people to areas already overcrowded and stressed to the limits.

Not only people will be affected, and I’m also for saving the polar ice so that the polar bears up north and the penguins down south will have habitats in which to live as well.

And I have children who will be living in the world that we leave for them. Let's all do our part.

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