The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, June 8, 2009


Billy Elliot won 10 Tony Awards last night including Best Musical but Hair won Best Revival of a Musical. We have tickets to see it when we go to New York.

Did anyone see the original Broadway production in 1968 (it ran for 4 years)? Remember this poster (and album cover)? Hair did not win a Tony back then, although it was nominated. (Hair premiered on Broadway in 1968, but too late to be nominated that year, so it was nominated in 1969, meaning this year's award comes 40 years late).

During my early attempts at art I copied the poster in watercolor. I don't still have it. Wish I did.

I also recall seeing the touring production at Boutwell Auditorium. Does anyone else remember it coming here. I know there was some controversy, but I don't remember the details. After all, I was just a teenage hippie wanna-be wanting to see some anti-establishment, anti-war, free love kind of theater that featured nudity and an integrated cast. And I remember I wasn't disappointed.

But I'm sure it had to do with the obscenity, the nudity or the desecration of the flag. There was a statement to be made back then.

And there's a statement to be made today, too. I guess that's why the current production is so successful.

Producer Oskar Eustis made a statement as he accepted the award last night.

"Peace now, freedom now, and [indicating his ring finger] equality NOW. Justice forever!" (Thanks to JoeMyGod for the pic and quote).

Here's the cast of the Broadway revival on David Letterman. I don't think I will be disappointed this time either.


lipscomb bohemian said...

i saw hair in st petersburg in the 60s...i dont remember too was the 60s. if you remember the 60s then you werent there

Carol said...

I didn't see hair but did hear about it when I lived in Boston. Now I think I want to see it even it has to be on T.V.

Bhamdaniel said...

Saw the last tour about 5 yrs. ago at the Concert Hall at BJCC. It was extraordinary and the, "nude," scene was handled quite well. Of course I had to have the original album, which I still have framed. AND, of course anything done under the influence always seems so much more colorful. "...walking proudly in our winter coats, smelling of lavatories, facing a dying nation..., Let the Sun Shine, let the sun shine in, the sun shine in!"