The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are we sitting ducks?

Busy Day.

Interesting Tweets.

Adam Lambert reveals he's gay. Now that didn't take a rocket scientist.

No wonder Angelina has a difficult relationship with her dad .

The Republican party is male, pale and stale.

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And in Bessemer:

I am not the only voter (and that's what we are,voters) who feels that public safety is being ignored. A voter friend of mine sent an email to the chief of police. He gave me permission to print it. I am leaving out some identifying parts. Emphasis is mine.

Chief, what is being done to curb violent crime in our city? There have been two successful home invasions and several that have been attempted. It is true that some crime has been on the decline. It seems crimes against people have been on the increase in recent months. Whether or not the slumping economy has anything to do with recent events is irrelevant to the people who reside in your jurisdiction. We must be protected!

**************************************************. We spend alot of time outside and rarely see police cruisers patrolling the area. I come home from work between 12 and 1am every day. At least 3 days out of the week there are 2-4 patrol cars sitting at the Kangaroo on hwy 150. You told me in a sit down that we had that businesses have to be checked also at night. 90% of them are closed at night.

If everyone moves from the city for fear of being shot, robbed or burned in their car where will the revenue for the businesses come from? It seems that as a public official that the best interest of the the citizens would be your priority, not businesses whose owners mostly live elsewhere. I for one will protect my family with any force necessary. *********************************** It is a helpless feeling when things are occurring all over the city and you know your family is a sitting duck.

The city of Bessemer could be a great place to live, like it was long ago. The city needs help from the police to be the city it once was. I think I speak for most law abiding citizens of Bessemer when I beg you to increase patrols and enforce speeding and sound ordinances in residential areas. If the police become a nuisance to criminals hopefully they will avoid our city when looking to commit crime!

I hope the chief and mayor and council members get it. So far they haven't.

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