The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goings on in Bessemer

Today, if you live in Bessemer and nearby areas of Senate district 19, you need to vote. Polls are open until 7:00. The Western Tribune has endorsed Priscilla Dunn, who has been voted legislator of the year twice (even her opponent voted for her).

Tonight, at 6:30, Mayor Ed May will hold his last (thank God) Town Hall Meeting at the Bessemer Civic Center. (I will probably be late, as I have another event with Earl Hilliard, Jr. to attend).

Congratulations to the Bessemer Police Department. Yesterday, they dedicated the new South side Police Substation (first suggested on Bessemer Opinions on June 26, 2007) and today they dedicate the new E-911 Center. Both of these facilities were paid for with drug money confiscated by the department. That's putting the money to good use. Both of these facilities will contribute to greater public safety, which is needed here. ranks Bessemer as the 9th most dangerous city in America. This was reported by The Western Tribune last week, and comes as a surprise even to those of us who are concerned about the crime rates.

The Mayor and Police chief need to pow-wow and come up with a new strategy to overcome this. The strategy should include informing the public through the Newspapers and through a direct mailing or door to door canvassing that crime is NOT going to be tolerated, and that this includes big crime and little crime. Then, we need to see cops on the beat out of their cars and walking the neighborhoods, because when you walk you can see so much more than when you are driving by (keeping your eyes on the road).

All we want is a safer city. We are not ashamed of our city, as the mayor claimed when we asked about public safety issues. But 9th in the nation? That's something to be ashamed of.


Joe said...

I was voter number 20 at Thompson Manor.

JTray said...

#10 at Hueytown City Hall.