The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This Can Only Help...

...the Democrats.

Conservative Christians are considering supporting a third party candidate. Surprise, surprise. When the front runners in the Republican presidential race are either not "real" Christians (Romney, according to some "real" Christians), or support a woman's right to choose (Giuliani) or have already been demonized (McCain in 2000) or are not "Christian enough " (Fred Thompson) then what choice do they have?

There is a problem when you think your party should be led by a theocrat. Really, maybe the majority of Americans believe in God, but they don't believe that is the primary reason to support a candidate.

Richard Viguerie and Tony Perkins and James Dobson are among those participating in meetings to decide how to move forward.

Viguerie said "There is such a jaundiced feeling about any promises or commitments from any Republican leaders." So what else is new.

They will not give specifics of the meeting, but Dobson spoke out against the idea.

Help the Democrats? If they choose to support a third party candidate, this will be good not just for the democrats, but will be good for the whole country.

...same sex couples with children.

Stephen Holowczenko and Don Hooper are young straight (supposedly) friends who both had children by a woman who was later murdered. Now the two men are living together, in an effort to give the young children the best environment.

Social agencies and conservative Newshouse News Service, who published this article, are treating this as the right thing to do. The picture in the Birmingham News is of the two men, shirtless, in their kitchen. If these were "openly gay" men, the picture would not have been published, or there would be outrage. I know, I heard things just as ridiculous in court. The picture in this Newshouse article is of just one of the men, playing with the kids.

While the situation is tragic, the children are handling their mother's death better than the adults, one of the men says.

If this were two gay men wanting to raise children, or adopt children people in many states would be up in arms. Children should have a mother and a father, we would hear.

Don't tell me that a "mother and father are best, but in this situation this is the best", because many children in various states in foster care and needing adoption are in just as bad or worse situations with gay couples wanting to adopt them, only to be turned down.

The real truth is that children need love and support regardless of genders and sexual orientations of their caregivers, and that study after study show that children raised by gay parents turn out no different from children raised by straight parents.

Ok enough seriousness.

The other day James Blunt was on Ellen, and revealed something we never knew. This is just funny. James on Ellen . Thanks Jay for sending this.

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