The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Clinton Rising, Bessemer's News and Local Marine Killed

After the last Democratic presidential candidate debate I predicted Hillary Clinton would rise in the polls, even though most new people said she did poorly. A USA Today/Gallup poll taken over the weekend shows just that, with Clinton increasing her lead from three weeks ago by 8 points to 48%.

"People are seeing her as the one ready to be president," says Mark Penn, Clinton's chief strategist. Well of course he would say that. I really think it is that, but also people realizing that they want to support a winner, so they are moving into the camp of the most likely victor. Better get used to it.

Let's hope the killing has stopped in Bessemer, but one more and 2007 will have seen as many murders as we saw during the previous two years combined. There have been 14 this year, 10 last year and 5 the year before. This is reported in the Birmingham News West News, but again, trying to find a link to it (or the following stories) is near impossible. Just take my word...or buy a paper.

Detective Perry Hurst said there is very little police can do to prevent homicides. Sounds like an excuse, but the sad fact is, it's the truth. While I still say better police protection is needed, what we need are broader changes in attitudes and to develop a respect for ourselves and others and their property. Those are things that will not happen overnight, but improvements in neighborhoods, and possible changes coming up in downtown, are the types of things that will increase pride and consequently respect in our communities.

Something must be right, because while everyone says Bessemer is being held back by their school system, those who pay close attention say that improvements are taking place. Enrollment is up, with 166 more students in school this year over last year. That is a 4 % increase. More parents would not be enrolling their kids if they didn't think the schools were getting better. Most of the increase is among the elementary schools, with Abrams showing an increase from around 450 to 499, and Jonesboro increasing from 750 to 830.

When is the last time you heard of an urban school system increasing enrollement?

And local school are doing great in football, with Jess Lanier, MacAdory, Bessemer Academy and Hueytown boasting undefeated records.

Stephen is 15, Daniel is 12 and Kristina is 8 years old. They will live the rest of their lives with only memories of their father, Marine Corps gunnery sergeant Herman Murkerson, killed yesterday in Iraq. He was from Adger, and that counts as a local guy. He also leaves behind his wife Wendy.

He is the 90th service member from Alabama to die in the "war on terror," which I assume refers to the former war on terror in Afghanistan combined with the war for oil in Iraq. Regardless of the mismanagement of the wars and the validity of the one in Iraq, men like sergeant Murkerson who serve our country are to be respected and are the heroes. But his death is one more indication that we need to get out of Iraq, and soon.

I think after that we need something just for entertainment. If you like Hollywood Movie Stars of old, watch this. 80 Years of Women in Film . Thanks Robert for sending this.

Last, The New Yorker arrived yesterday, and the cover was great.

The cover is titled "Narrow Stance" and is by Barry Blitt. Ahmadinejad discovering the existance of homosexuals.

Here is their site: The New Yorker

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Trey said...

It does seem increasingly clear that the democratic nominee will be Hilary. So, Democrats complain about corporate influence in policy, and then want to elect the candidate who is the most beholden to corporations? I don't get it.