The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


At Bessemer's city council meeting last night Mayor Ed May vetoed the water bond deal passed last week by the council. No surprise there, but it takes us back a step, or ahead a step, depending from where you are looking.

At any rate, the mayor will bring his proposal up at the next council meeting, for the umpteenth time, and see if at least one council person will move to his side to pass the bond deal.

Are you listening Albert Soles? Jesse Matthews? The others are hopeless, but at least these two have a chance of doing what is right.

In other council news, nothing new on the anti-smoking ordinance or the noise ordinance, other than that they will be considered at the next meeting, according to Councilman Earl Cochran.

Same old song and dance, council.


Anonymous said...

Since the council ultimately controls the city finances and therefore who gets paid to do a job for the city, isn't their some debate about whether the mayor actually has veto power in an instance such as this? I know as a city manager he can work to put together a deal to present to the council but they have the final say, correct?

Joe said...

You are right, there is debate. The mayor's veto a few months ago of the GUSC water deal is still being debated.

But they must have 5 votes to override the veto, and they didn't have it.

Tuscaloosa's mayor recently vetoed a drinking hours bill. I don't know if their government is exactly the same, but mayoral veto seems to be gaining in popularity.

Anonymous said...

Ed May must be the most evil man in America, and unforgiving. This is a strange position by someone who claims to be so devoutly Christian.

Anonymous said...

The most evil man in America? I'm sure there are worse. Roy Moore comes to mind.

I don't think May's reasons for wanting to use his buddy's firm are any worse than the council's. In fact, the council's choice may have screwed the city out of 1.5 million according to a lawsuit filed by the city (Ed May) I don't appreciate a bondsman saying he has more power than the mayor.