The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's Halloween and what is more scary than listening to "Sean of the Dread" Hannity. On the radio yesterday he was being critical of Hillary Clinton's postions saying she was soft on our enemies...and that he want's our enemies to live in fear of us.

Well that is fine, except he is supporting an administration and a party that thrives on keeping the American people in fear of...everything.

Terrorism, for instance...are you really afraid that a terrorist is going to get you. Well neither are most Americans, as a story in the Birmingham News today reveals. Only 10.4 % rank a terrorist attack as their biggest fear. Losing their memory is first (21%), followed by being burned alive (19%), and snakes (11.5 %).

As for who is scary, Osama bin Laden (26.4%) barely beat out George W. Bush (24.s%). No surprise there. conducted the survey.

Notice that same sex marriage is not listed as something to be fearful of, but if you listen to republicans, it is the biggest threat to America since the witches in Salem way back when.

And Forbes has released the list of highest earning dead celebrities. Elvis is No. 1, after earning $49 million in the last 12 months. John Lennon is second with earnings of $44 million.

Oh, I am just glad that my daughter no longer attends Hoover High School (having graduated a few years ago) and that my son is a senior elsewhere. It's just a crazy place, I wish the football team success in the playoffs, and lets put Suzy Baker on the scary list. Seems like the crowd at the school board meeting did not like her either, and one Hoover parent suggested they park outside her house and see what goes on in her private life. The parents point was that we don't need to be prying in to any one's private life, coaches included.

And hey, Jess Lanier is still undefeated (9-0) but hardly a mention on TV sports last week. Possibly because their game was on Thursday rather than Friday, but still, no respect. Lanier plays Gadsden City (8-1) this week at home. Good luck Tigers.


Anonymous said...

My Fears would have to be:
1) Bad neighbors driving my property values down.
2) Clowns.
3) Ed May and his merry band of attorneys* [(bad enough when you live in the city, more terrifying than you can imagine when you work for the city) *See Also Clowns).
4) Getting mugged.

Anonymous said...

My FEARS are:

Ed May
the City Council
Dale Jones
and Snakes (see above)

Anonymous said...

Oh come on yall. Snakes and clowns aren't that bad.

Anonymous said...

Snakes are just misunderstood. They eat rodents and provide us with material for such cinematic gems as Snakes On A Plane and Anaconda.

Clowns are an evil created in the bowls of Satan himself (at least the one from IT and John Wayne Gacy).

Anonymous said...

sorry, meant bowels.

Anonymous said...
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Joe said...

Sorry final prophet, I deleted your comment. This blog is no place for homophobia or racism.

Your 52000 word comment was just a little to much.

This is earth. Anyone who wants to read and analyze the 52000 word post email me and I will send it to you.