The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, October 8, 2007

Birmingham, Bessemer and Republicans

Taking the lead from Bessemer Opinions, the Birmingham News yesterday endorsed Patrick Cooper for mayor of Birmigham, and Howard Bayless for School Board. Vote tomorrow.

I'm not advocating people sleeping in on Sundays, but here is another reason to skip church . But when the pastors bring guns, and maybe you aren't putting enough in the plate...

And the latest shooting in Bessemer was about a half a block away, on 19th Street yesterday afternoon. Not many details, but Fox 6 was there and reported victims being hospitalized. No word this morning. But you can be sure this will be brought up at tonight's Bessemer Neighborhood Association. Live in Bessemer? Come to the meeting. 7:00 Broken Vessel Church.

It was pretty much glossed over when Republican lawmaker Tom Davis mentioned the GOP going the way of the Whigs, and he quickly added it isn't going to happen. But it's something to think about when the Birmingham News has side by side editorials today titled Christians Bent on Self Defeat by Kathleen Parker and Collapse of the GOP by David Brooks.

The links are from the Orlando Sentinal and NY Times, because you just can't find things on the Birmingham News web site (

But let's just sit back and watch. It should be fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, the reason you cannot find the two op-ed pieces on is because the site does not have permission to run syndicated or wire content, other than AP. So unless a story or op-ed piece is written by a News staffer, you'll have to go to the original source to find it online.