The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, September 14, 2007

Men on a Mission (and Women, Too)

Mormons are not all cut from the same mold, as this calendar shows us. These guys have returned from the mission field, and are now baring their chests for charity. The money goes to 12 charities picked by each of the men, to help the areas they did missionary work in. Mormons Exposed See a video preview of the calendar here. Youtube

I tell you what...I might not ignore the doorbell if I looked out and saw these guys getting off their bicycles.

Wonder what Mitt thinks of this?

Brings to mid the movie Latter Days about a young Mormon who is gay and the way he is treated by the church. Rent it from Netflix.

A short story. speaking of answering the door, a guy in one of my classes at UAB showed us his gunshot wounds yesterday. Seems he was at home in his apartment on Southside, waiting for the Pizza guy. There was a knock at the door, he opened it and a man burst in with a 38. He stole a lot of stuff, then when he was leaving, he shot the guy in the leg. He has an entry wound and an exit wound mid thigh.

There will be men AND women on a mission around bessemer this weekend. Protests are being organized over the city council's failure to pass the water bond issue and the possibility of a 108% rate increase. Look for Bessemer Neighborhood Association members at the Jess Lanier game tonight, handing out flyers, and watch for protesters at city hall and in the neighborhoods of council members Albert Soles, Dorothy Davidson, Sarah Belcher and Jesse Matthews leading up to Tuesday's council meeting. Want to help? Go to Bessemer Neighbors to see what YOU can do. Also find council member's phone numbers there so you can call them. This affects people in Bessemer, Midfield, Hueytown, Helena, Ross Bridge, Unincorporated Jefferson County and more.

A source tells me that Patrick Cooper and Larry Langford are leading by a long shot in early polling for Birmingham mayor's race, each polling in the high 20's. Smitherman is in third in the low teens and Kincaid is behind her. A lot can happen in the next few weeks.

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