The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lipscomb in the News, and a Home for Veterans

Sometime today visitor number 10,000 will land on this site. If I knew who it was, I would offer a prize.

For the city of Lipscomb, your 60 days are up. Now your mayor will be hand picked by Governor Bob Riley. I wonder how many people there are in Lipscomb that Riley knows. Oh, wait, he doesn't have to. Each council person can submit a name to the governor, and he can do a little research and then make his choice. Lipscomb, I hope that goes well for you.

The citizens of Lipscomb are getting fed up. Just like the citizens of Bessemer have formed the Bessemer Neighborhood Association to address issues that affect the quality of life here, in Lipscomb there is now the Lipscomb City Coalition. There purpose is not to be a political forum, but to "actively bring permanent change to Lipscomb."

They have a meeting scheduled for October 1. (I am not sure where or at what time...maybe a Lipscomb reader can fill us in).

Some of the issues they have addressed with the Mayor Pro Tempore are: a solution to the issues of dissension and hostile attitudes publicly exhibited between City Councilors and other city personnel, the need for a state audit, lack of emergency service, accounting of all law enforcement officers, and accounting of all paid city and/or contract employees, and accounting of all administrative public service boards.

Many of these issues are similar to issues we have in Bessemer.

Contact information is Brenda Renz, President 424-5325, and Melinda Richburg, Vice President, at 426-3411.

Bob Riley also wants to build a nursing home for veterans in the Birmingham area, noting that metro Birmingham is the only large city in the state that is not served by such a home. The facility would have assisted living quarters as well.

Riley says they are looking in Jefferson and Shelby counties, but he seems to favor locating near the American Village in Montevallo, citing the new national cemetary for veterans being located there.

That's just a little creepy if you ask me, housing our elder veterans next door to their final resting place? How convenient (church lady again)!

If you want to serve the metro area and be near the population, locate in Birmingham or Bessemer near public transportation. That way more families will be able to visit. And while you are at it, improve public transportation so what I just said does not sound ridiculous.

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