The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, September 28, 2007

Three Different Things

Three things that make me smile.

1. I don't think I have ever written about college football here, but I am glad to see that Barrett Trotter of Briarwood Christian has made a commitment to Auburn. Kodi Burns, who has been compared to Tim Tebow, might turn out to be very effective, but it will be good to have a guy who was 20 of 26 with 267 yards and 4 touchdowns last week (Trotter against Anniston) on the roster. Trotter has been a lifelong Alabama fan, saying "I grew up an Alabama fan. But when all this recruiting stuff started coming up in the 10th grade, I liked the Auburn camp better. When recruiting comes up, you have to put all those previous feelings behind you. I'm an Auburn fan from here on out." Me too, Barrett. War Eagle

2. The U. S. Senate passed the Matthew Shephard Hate Crimes Bill adding sexual orientation to the list of crimes covered. This legislation helps local law enforcement prosecute attacks on gays. The legislation was attached to the 2008 Defense Spending bill. Will Bush veto the spending bill to keep from passing the "social legislation," as Lindsey Graham called it?

The House has already passed the bill, as a stand alone bill, so it should not be stripped out of the final bill as happened in the past before it goes to the president.

The bill was co-sponsored by Republican Oregon senator Gordon Smith, who said ''We cannot fight terror abroad and accept terror at home.'' Story

No word from W. We will just have to wait and see.

3. This doesn't really make me smile. Well, yes it does. To some, "White Party" may bring up images of shirtless circuit boys dancing in Miami, as the popular party week approaches in Florida but the real White Party met last night at Morgan State University in Baltimore at a PBS sponsored Republican debate. The front runners were absent due to schedule conflicts...yeah right...Fred Thompson was raising money in Tennessee, Mitt Romney was raising money in California, and Rudy Giuliani was raising money also in California.

Decisions, decisions. Money?...Appearing before journalists and an audience of color?...hmmm.


What more can the White Party do to embarrass themselves? We hardly have time to digest one foolish move before another comes out. Oh well, the Republican Party: the gift that keeps on giving.

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