The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back from the Beach...Important Meetings

Pensacola Beach was great. I learned some new things about my camera and I think I got some great bird are a couple.

Hall's Seafood, Paradise Inn Grill, Hemingway's and Sidelines (with packed seating and the Alabama game, the Auburn Game, the Tennessee game and the Georgia game all playing on the numerous tv's, with fans from each school trying to prove they can be ruder than the others) were just some of the places we ate.

Thursday night the Bessemer Downtown Redevelopment Authority and Auburn University's Urban Studio sponsored a public forum to solicit input for revitalization of downtown.

Attendence was sparse, but diverse. Business leaders and business people from downtown, representatives of Bessemer Historic Homeowners Association, downtown residents, community leaders, and one city official (Sarah Belcher) was there.

Bessemer is the 44th community that Auburn's School of Architecture will use their assets- based approach with. Cheryl Morgan, an AU professor, and her fifth year students gathered information about things that we as Bessemer residents think are important aspects of our town and downtown in particular. Icons like the Bright Star but also important architectural aspects like the Carnegie Library building that houses the Chamber of commerce, and the old Post Office which houses the growing library. Buildings throughout downtown are aching to have the aluminum torn off and their rich architecture exposed again.

They also compiled a list of historical figures (how many knew Diana Ross was born in Bessemer?) and events. Major routes in to Bessemer and what people see or how they "know" they are in Bessemer are also being considered.

Finally, they asked about our dreams and visions for downtown Bessemer are. Things like rails to trails, art galleries, and B&B's were brought up.

They will take this information plus their own research and present preliminary ideas on September 24th at the Sweet House at 6:30. They want input that day from even more citizens, so you who live in Bessemer need to plan to be there.

Another important upcoming event is UAB's Understanding Youth Violence conference on October 18th from 8:30 to 3:00. This is good for community leaders, teachers and counselors and social workers and others. For more information contact Andrea Eden at or 205-975-9413, or email me at and I will forward the brochure to you. Seems like an important topic considering what happened at Legion Field recently. The Bessemer Neighborhood Association will be represented at this meeting.

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Glad you enjoyed Pensacola Beach.