The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bessemer Council Special Meeting, and Random Thoughts

What did I say? The Bessemer City Council has called a special meeting for tonight at 5:00 to address the water issue. Often they call special meetings to address a critical issue. Sometimes they call a special meeting to avoid the public. Don't let that there.

I want to know if 50 Cent is really going to retire, since he said he would if Kanye West outsold him with first week sales of their new cd's, 957,000 copies to 691,000 copies. We can only hope.

Larry Langford's TV commercial says he has a one point plan for reducing crime...putting criminals behind bars. Reactive.

Patrick Cooper's commercials state he has a six point plan. Read them here. Proactive.

Fox 6 reported that Cooper's numbers went up during the forum last night...more people saying they would vote for him when leaving the debate than when entering. Other blogs say he should thank each of the other candidates for making him look so good, and John Archibald lists the Top 10 dumb things said at the forum. Top Ten

Mars will not be changing the ingredients in chocolate, so M & M's and Snickers and Dove chocolates are safe. Chocolate is one thing that really shouldn't be messed with. Now the "lesser quality" chocolates, like the chocolate Easter bunnies and Santa's will taste even worse.

Emoticons are 25 years old. :-) Wasn't it really Forrest Gump who invented (discovered) these. ;-)

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