The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos - Bizarre

I may be up on presidential candidates and certain health issues and helping plants to thrive during the worst drought in history, and even on such pop culture happenin's as Paris Hilton's in and out saga or Jennifer Hudson's connection to the gay community, but one thing I am not close to is The Sopranos. Until yesterday I had never seen the show but with all the hype about the final episode I decided to watch. Ho-hum. I kept waiting for it to get interesting, and not until Tony Soprano walked into the restuarant and sat down at the end did I get drawn in to it. Think of all the time I saved over the last few years by waiting till the final episode to watch.

I am 100% sure that had I been watching from the beginning, or even just from the beginning of this season, and had a better understanding of the characters and plot lines that the entire episode would have been meaningful to me.

So from a one time viewer just let me say that Meadow trying to parallel park was the most brilliant part of the final few moments. Some of you may have it on Tivo and may not have watched it yet, so I will say no more.

If I am on one end of the Soprano's spectrum, then Brian Fleury is on the other. The Birmingham News reports that Brian, who lives in North Shelby County, ordered pizza for Sunday nights finale from Pizzaland in North Arlington, N. J. This pizzaria is shown each week during the opening credits. $44 ($13 for the pie, $31 for overnight delivery packed in dry ice)for a "really good New York-style pizza" was well worth it for Brian, even if the pizza did arrive cold. Toppings? Pepperoni and sausage. Apparantly he is not the first person to order pizza long distance from Pizzaland, "When I called, before they even said 'Hello,' they said,'Where do we need to ship it."

As I stepped out this morning the sun was bearing down on the back porch, and I guess the heat was helping this liitle rose release its fragrance, because it was almost overwhelming. This back porch is about to be torn down, but this rose will be saved as new construction takes place.

Most of the daylilies are surviving the dought, although flowering is not as profuse as in past years.

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