The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, June 18, 2007

Jeff Sessions and Bob Riley in Gay Paree

Jeff Sessions and Bob Riley and some others are in Paris, France, "Sipping champagne on the bank of the Seine" the Birmingham News says, trying to persuade the French to do business in Alabama.

Remember not too long ago our republican led, war starved country was renaming things like Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast, in the House of Representatives cafeteria, to so much anti-French fanfare. They called for boycotts of French wines and French cheeses, and everything French. During the 2004 presidential campaign an anonymous Bush advisor told the New York Times that Kerry "looks French," to persuade voters that he was anti-American.

Oh, last year the House quietly returned to the use of "French Fries" and "French Toast." Young lovers resumed "French kissing" (as if they ever stopped. What would a "Freedom kiss" be like anyway?) and the makers of French's Mustard breathed a sigh of relief. John Kerry returned to looking "New Englandish."

My how things change. Why, with German steel maker ThyssenKrupp AG coming to the state, and now luring the French, Alabama could become a virtual melting pot of its own, with all kind of outsider and foreign influence affecting out state. Our leaders may not like them, but we will take the money coming from "Old Europe ," to use the term that Rummy used to dis the French and Germans when they wouldn't support the War in Iraq, as it was called back then.

Jeff Sessions in Gay Paree. Now there's a picture.

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Anonymous said...

"Jeff Sessions in Gay Paree. Now there's a picture."

At least we can be near certain he won't embarrass us by attempting to speak the language. The French may again be marginally acceptable (or at least their money is), but Jeff would never stoop to using anything other than the mother tongue.