The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

CSI Bessemer and the Republicans Gather in a Hockey Rink

The Birmingham police, who seem to kill about one mentally ill person a year recently, have done it once again. That may sound harsh, and they claim the gun went off accidentally, but the man only weighed about 120 pounds. Shot and Killed

Unrelated to that, last year three badly decomposed bodies were found near Lakeshore Drive in Bessemer. Last week, a badly decomposed body was found out Morgan Road, near I-459. So I understand Bobby’s apprehension when driving from Lakeshore to the house yesterday, he saw on the side of the road what appeared to be a stained sheet wrapped around a form of some kind. Deciding to be CSI Bessemer, he came and got me and the camera and back we went. As we approached my apprehension increased also. We pulled alongside so that I could look down from my window. It was a body alright, badly decomposed with maggots and odors. Bones were visible, obvious a hip bone and ribs and what looked like metatarsals. Lots of hair, though, in the mix, and I think it was a large (LARGE) dog. I called the police anyway (non emergency number) and the person who answered did not seem to be concerned. I told her there was a badly decomposed body wrapped in a sheet by the side of the road, that it could be a dog, but it might not be. She said she would notify the Street Department about it, thank you. I didn’t even take a picture (be glad), but I will go back and see if the street department (or coroner) has come by.

Here’s an update about the (human) body found last week that I mentioned above. Remember the recent home invasion in Lipscomb? Those four guys are now charged in the murder of the young woman. Violent Suspects

With such depressing news it seems only natural to segue into the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate last night. Since I wrote about faith yesterday, I guess it’s OK to say “Lord help us”…if any of these men get elected to the presidency. The country club elite gathered in a New Hampshire hockey rink (the Dems were in the same place Tuesday)as a thunderstorm brewed outside. The highlight of the evening was when Rudy began to explain his position on abortion and lightning struck the facility and messed with the hockey rink's sound system. "Look, for someone who went to parochial schools all his life, this is a very frightening thing that's happening right now," he said, to laughter.

Other than Ron Paul the candidates were stumbling over each other trying to appear more hawkish, more immigrant hating, and more anti-gay than the other. Stark, stark contrast to the democrats the other night. All the democrats want us out of the war. All the republicans, except RP, want to surge ahead, and maybe invade some other countries. All the democrats want to end don't ask don't tell. All the republicans believe the policy is working well (in spite of the fact that we are in need of Arab speaking translators because several have been kicked out of the service because they are gay. We are occupying an Arab speaking foreign country after all). The republicans all think that big business controlling health care is a good thing, all the democrats want to reform health care and make it more affordable for all, and to make sure it is available to all. McCain was right on immigration, the current bill is not pefect, and it is the result of compromise, but at least it is a start. By the way, Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, is going to try to end debate on the bill tomorrow, so that might be interesting.

Here is one suggestion that I think we can all agree on. Let's just go ahead and vote today, and spare ourselves the next year or so of primary and general elections.

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Anonymous said...

Joe, it was good to see you tonight at the Chris Dodd town meeting. On my way home, I turned on C-Span radio only to be assaulted (figuratively) with a speech by Tom Tancredo that sounded like he was speaking to a Hitler Youth rally. We have to preserve our language and our culture, we're under attack by jihadism abroad and multiculturalism at home, he'll prosecute any mayor who offers sanctuary to immigrants, the favorite baby name in Europe is Mohammed, etc., etc.

Ick. Chris Dodd's positive, in no way divisive, message was so much better.