The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dems Discuss Faith

Hollyhocks on the farm.

With all the talk of religion and faith between the media and the presidential candidates I am beginning to wonder if we should be anticipating three puffs of smoke coming from the Supreme Court building when they elect our next pope…uh, president.

No, really I think this is good. Although I agree with John Edwards who said the United States should not be called a Christian nation, we can certainly be called a spiritual nation. For the past 6 years or more religion and spirituality has been framed around war and good v. evil and us v. them, and people are judged as righteous or sinful by nothing more than their beliefs about same sex marriage or women’s choice. For instance, the Roman Catholic Church speaks of denying sacraments to candidates who support choice. They also deny communion on a regular basis to homosexuals. Let me throw this in here too. The Roman Catholic Church is against non-celibate homosexuals and denies sacraments based on this. The Roman Catholic Church is against the war but offers sacraments to the soldiers who are participating, even to those who have killed. Is there something wrong here? I’m not saying to deny sacraments to soldiers, I’m saying that Jesus offers himself to all, and the sacraments should be offered to all.

Back to the subject at hand. Now the democrats are talking about faith. Now they are talking about Christian values: values such as protecting the planet and the environment, values such as taking care of the poor, values such as not leaving children behind after they are born. Not to mention things like invading and occupying nations and torture.

Anyway, this is something Howard Dean brought up when he spoke here recently. Even evangelicals are beginning to understand that while they may disagree on some things with the democratic candidates, they do agree on other pressing concerns such as climate change and poverty.

Edwards and Hillary both scored points in yesterday’s forum where along with Barack Obama they spoke and answered questions in an event sponsored by Sojourners/Call to Renewal evangelical organization. Then later on CNN most of the other democrat candidates were questioned by Paula Zahn on faith issues, and every one of them did a good job of explaining their faith and how they reconcile their political beliefs with their religious beliefs. I think they were all Catholic, by the way…Richardson, Biden, Dodd and Kucinich.

Apparently it’s difficult for some democrats to talk about faith because to them it is such a personal issue, and several have said they are suspicious of those who wear their faith on their sleeve. But they realize it is necessary for them to reclaim their spiritual edge if they are to be successful in 2008.

This week and this month we are celebrating gay pride. More on that later this week.

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