The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Name Game...The Supreme Court, and Bye Bye Matt Murphy

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The current Supreme Court, under chief Justice John Roberts, is going to ruin America. I don’t think they can destroy the country, that is up to the Bush administration. But in the last few days we have seen free speech curtailed, and now we see that limits have been put on using race to determine programs that determine integration in schools. Not too long ago, we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark ruling that desegregated public schools and allowed for integration. If nothing else, this new ruling weakens Brown, and as if disparities in education are not great enough, just watch. A constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to a quality education, as mentioned in the Democratic Presidential debate last night, sounds like a good idea. Alabama would never vote to ratify such an amendment, however, we don’t even guarantee quality public education in our own state.

The once mighty are falling. Radio station 101.1 FM The Source is changing format, from conservative talk radio to oldies rock and roll. Matt Murphy will lose his powerful platform, as will Lee Davis, for promoting their divisive agendas. They will still be on another Crawford station, probably, but maybe not as powerful. And poor ole Hank Erwin, I guess he won’t even have a show. Burt and Kurt are staying on, it seems, I guess as oldie’s djs, and I think that’s how they got their start anyway. Dee Fine, formerly of the Russ and Dee show on that station, which was canned last September, takes credit for the stations prior success, saying she does “take some pleasure in realizing that, after we left, they couldn’t make it work.” Honey it wasn’t working when you were on the air either.

Listen for round the clock Christmas music in the days before the switch occurs. I guess they are out collecting Mama’s and Papa’s, and Steppenwolf cd’s (or vinyl), and that may take a few days.

I wonder if on the oldies station they will be playing "The Name Game" song. Remember that? Simon, Simon, bo Bimon, Banana Fana Fo Fimon, Fe Fi Mo Mimon, Simon!

I am referring to Simon Speights, the mayor of Lipscomb, who is in to name changing. Could that city get any more screwed up? I know in Bessemer we don’t have much room to talk, but at least our mayor didn’t change his name so he could avoid the restriction on registering to vote due to a felony conviction. Mr. Speights, er, Speight, or whatever, you must be a registered voter to be elected to office. Since you have been voting under an assumed name, you voted illegally, so that may be another felony. Lipscomb Mayor

Let’s see, all you have to do is change the spelling of your name, to avoid your felony conviction and be able to register and then run for office? Seigelman? Siegleman? Siegelmon? Think anyone would notice?


Anonymous said...

Can you source that dee fine quote?

Anonymous said...

That quote, as well as the info for that post, came from the Birmingham News on Friday, from the Local section I think (I've tossed it already). For some reason did not post that article for me to link to, or at least I couldn't find it.

Anonymous said...

How do I contact Murphy?

Anonymous said...

The "Source" is back. So much for the liberals quashing conservative talk. Never gonna happen.
You might try to stamp out the Word of God, but according to the Bible it lives forever.

"Progressive Voice of Bessemer, AL"...more like "regressive"..or "unbiblical" would be a more appropriate name for it.