The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unions in Alabama

Not civil unions.

No, it's a new topic for Bessemer Opinions.

Labor unions.

A report in today's Birmingham News reveals that union membership is up in the state. Alabama's rate is 10.9% and that compares with surrounding states very favorably.

Georgia - 4.6
Mississippi - 4.8
Tennessee 5.3
Florida 5.8

Picture credit Bham News

Here's the Bureau of Labor Statistics chart from which that data comes.

The Birmingham News says that the recession may be the cause of more workers organizing, but the recession is happening all around us, and in Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee the union membership rates went down, according to the chart. Georgia's rose.

Union leaders in the state are baffled and were surprised at the numbers.

This is by far not my area of expertise, but I think it is interesting because unions are traditionally supportive of the democratic party and its policies. Now I know that rank and file union members, especially in Alabama, might not always follow the union recommendations, but still, it's encouraging.

More important, its about workers being protected and treated fairly.

Here's a video from the Southern California Sisters in the Brotherhood celebrating their union.

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Edwards said...

And with the increase in Unions the continued increase of jobs leaving our country!
What is fair about that?