The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, March 12, 2010

Interesting tids from mags

So we're flipping through current issues of magazines yesterday evening, and found a few tidbits of information that I would like to share.

Eventually we will get to this.

But first:

From The New Yorker:

"Or maybe it's Nevada, whose own governor, amid allegations that he had groped a waitress, recently said in a deposition that he had not had sex since 1995."

After wondering who cares, I cared enough to use the google and find out who this guy is (and how old he is).

His name is Jim Gibbons, he's 65 years old, he's a Republican, he's divorced (sort of); none of which are reasons not to have sex.

In the divorce filings, he said of his ex, "It was once said in another context that being in close quarters with such a volatile person was like being locked in a phone booth with an enraged ferret."

During the divorce process his ex filed this -"Dawn's papers alleged that Jim was unfaithful with Durant, and with the woman who received the 860 messages, and "has had similar relationships with many other women during the marriage."

Do you believe him, that he has not had sex for the last 15 years?

Maybe this tidbit from Men's Health applies to Jim:

"...a study in the Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality found that the average man gives himself the old love tug 12 times a month..."

Love tug?

Now, all the guys are counting back and all their partners are wondering.

But Martha Stewart Living gave us the most useful and helpful tidbits.

People who followed all four (healthy habits) lived about 14 years longer than those who didn't.

Here they are.

Keeping physically active. (either on the job or in leisure time).

Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Drinking moderately (defined in this study as one to fourteen servings per week).

Not smoking.

For us, the most difficult is the 5 servings of fruits. We have a hard time counting French fries as a vegetable. We had a banana this morning cut up over our cereal, so today we are off to a good start, I guess.

Fourteen years, friends. Four easy habits. Unless you are a smoker. I know about quitting cigarettes. It's not easy. I have a friend who is trying right now. Good luck, buddy.

Now, amuse yourself. No, not with a love tug! By watching Lady Gaga and Beyonce in their new video/movie for Telephone. NSFW most likely.

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