The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Party of Solutions

AKA, the Democrats.

In contrast to the Party of No, the Democrats have now made law what generations of Americans have fought for for a century. Democrats and Republicans have been aware of the need, and have worked to pass health care reform since the time of Teddy Roosevelt.

However, with this president, the Republicans were replaced by the Party of No, whose strategy leading into this was to lead Barack Obama to his Waterloo.

This doesn't look like Waterloo to me. This was the scene in the East Room just after Obama signed the historic legislation.

The Right to health care is now a reality. The Party of No is already working to take away this right, or, in effect, throwing children and sick people back off the rolls of the insured.

Great plan, John McCain and John Boehner and other "leaders" of the GOP.

No more speculating. No more hyperbole. Just facts.

In Alabama, 641,527 uninsured people will be able to get health insurance. Thank a Democrat (with a vote).

400,000 patients will become eligible for Medicaid. You will have access to health care where you did not have it before. Thank a Democrat (with a vote).

This year, before the November elections, children with pre-existing conditions will now be covered with insurance. Parents, thank a Democrat (with a vote).

This year, parents can begin to keep their young adult children on their policies until age 26. Parents, and young adults, thank a Democrat (with a vote).

Within three months, people in Alabama who have been excluded from insurance because of pre-existing conditions will have access to a national high-risk pool to get subsidized premiums. Thank a Democrat (with a vote).

Seniors, your benefits are safe and the donut hole in your prescription drug coverage is closing. Seniors, thank a Democrat (with a vote).

People with existing medical conditions who are using up their benefits, the lifetime dollar cap is being eliminated this year. Thank a Democrat (with a vote).

This year, tax credits for small business owners will make purchasing insurance for employees more affordable. Small business owners, thank a Democrat (with a vote).

Barack Obama has now taken a place in history, and is without a doubt the leader of the Democratic Party now. Here he is at the bill signing.

Whoever posted the comment the other day that progressives are a dying breed needs to re-think.


Anonymous said...

This tyranny is as ugly "as it gets" for America! The lying, stealing the back door deals and the unconstitutionalism of this bill is nothing short of criminal! This was shoved down the American peoples throats. Obama came to divide and conquer America and he is doing it! But we won't give up! True Americans will see that this atrocity is repealed!

lipscomb bohemian said...

anonymous if you only knew how foolish you sound.....the tyranny existed under one got to say anything at all but dont represent the 'american people' at all....obama is president because he was voted in by the 'american people'..them knowing full well that he stood for this [health care reform]. i dont mind people disagreeing with a policy.. but for them to make statements like yours doesnt make sense at all

Missy said...

I agree with Lipscomb Bohemian. I don't think I have ever in my life seen so much hatred from these people of no.

Politics Alabama said...

Hmmm... just what is a minority opposition party supposed to do, wholeheartedly embrace the plans of the majority? That's not how Democrats acted a few years back when they were in the minority, and it's not how I expect them to act later this year when they're again in the minority.

No, the purpose and function of the minority party is to offer alternatives... which the Republicans did with numerous health care bills. But democrats found it politically expedient to call them "the party of no" and flat-out lie when they said the GOP didn't have any ideas. They are also supposed to oppose higly partisan legislation coming from the majority. Which they did... so why are they evil?

As to Waterloo, passing a bill isn't the same as finding effective solutions... and if you don't know that, you should. how the public views PresBo after this will depend on what happens as his ne wlaw kicks in.

in this case, I exect to see health insurance premiums rise. Why? Because of the early benefits the Democrats are touting. Nobody can be denied coverage, they say, and all coverage caps are eliminated. But the "individual mandate" (which the Democrats included because the insurance companies need SOME way to control costs and turn a profit) doesn't kick in until 2014 or so.

So to control costs, insurance premiums will rise... they have to. Once the efects of the legislation are felt, one of the first reactions will be rising premiums.

Joe said...

Actually Politics, the bill that was passed includes many Republican initiatives, so we aren't saying they didn't have any ideas. they just forget about them and vote against then after they are incorporated into the bill.

As for the mandate...originally a republican idea.

In fact, says Len Nichols of the New America Foundation, the individual mandate was originally a Republican idea. "It was invented by Mark Pauly to give to George Bush Sr. back in the day, as a competition to the employer mandate focus of the Democrats at the time."

Politics Alabama said...

Joe, I'm not a Republican, just an American who believes that it's our freedom and individuality that makes us great, not our government.

The bill passed by the Democrats BEGINS from the assumption that massive government intervention is necessary, and that's the point I most fundamentally disagree with.

Rearrange those deck chairs any way you want, as long as you START there then I oppose the bill. And apparantly many Republicans feel the same way... as do the majority of Americans.

As to whose idea it was, that matters not a whit to me. They may have talked about it, but the Democrats PUSHED it. And we don't want it.

Let me ask you a question. If Congress has the power to force us to purchase a product (health insurance) from a private company (health insurance company), what DON'T they have the power to force me to do?

And where's the freedom?

Anonymous said...

Lipscomb...I sound foolish? It is you who backs a bill that will force unemployment to rise! When employers start firing people because they can't afford to pay them, what motivates one to look for another job? Nothing! They can live off the government! Draw unemployment, free healthcare, food stamps....see that is the communist way! The democrat party wants evey American to depend on the government. This bill was never about medicine. This is about turning as many people in this country as possible into dependents, not for their wants, but for their needs. People are not going to get health care as they want it, when they want it, and how much of it they want. It can't possibly happen! 280 million people in America had health insurance and were fine with it! So we throw it away because 12 million don't? Thats insanity! Why not work on getting it for the 12 million? Just as Bart Stupak made a fool of himself, so do you by supporting this bill!

Anonymous said...

This country is screwed!