The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Between Fences

Yesterday I was driving “where the buffalo roam” in Shelby County on my way to Columbiana, the county seat. I came across this small herd. No sign of Kevin Costner (darn) but maybe I did see some bronze skinned Native Americans on horseback in the distance.

Of course there was a fence between the buffalo and me. Although our house is surrounded by a fence (wrought iron) for the most part I am not a fan of fences. Had I been brought up in 1906 Oklahoma I would have been on the side of Curly and the cowmen (“Oh the farmer and the cowman should be friends…”). Hugh Jackman as Curly in Oklahoma! ..............OK.

A national exhibition called Museum on Main Street, sponsored by The Smithsonian Institution, is giving Americans an opportunity to look at fences from a historical perspective. ( The exhibit, called “Between Fences” is in Alabama now and closest to us from June 15 to July 29 at the Cahaba Lily Center in West Blocton.

This exhibit shows how fences led to controversy, between Native Americans and settlers, between the aforementioned ranchers and planters, between social classes, between countries and between neighbors. It tells the American story of the fence with visual and interactive effects. Also a photo essay by Rachel Fowler looks at the significance of the fence from birth to death.

Chad Allen, remember him from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, made a point yesterday during an interview that I want to repeat. As one who had difficulty accepting his sexuality, Chad said that the key, for some, especially if you are having difficulty because of religious teachings, is to just close your eyes, and forget everything that others have taught you about God and sexuality, and let God speak to you without the encumbrances of human influence, and you will realize that God accepts you as you are. That is a good start to accepting yourself.

Add a baby mockingbird to the list, and notice some new flowers to the left today.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Joe, but as I recall, Curly also sang "Poor Jud is Dead", and Jud was really the most interesitng of all :-) Curly did nothing for me. (OK, well, maybe a little. And I was all of 7 or 8 years old at the time!)

Glenn and I, and our Unknown Firefighter, were puzzling out what we think is a crabapple next door to the firehouse here. We all agreed it was a Malus (aforethought). Pretty flowers, and I'll have to snag a few cuttings in a month or so.