The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, April 27, 2007

Dems Debate and in Birmingham, SHOUT

Hillary Clinton couldn’t have had a better night last night. While all of the candidate’s answers were fairly predictable, Senator Clinton seemed most at ease and best prepared. And she looked presidential.

My favorite hopeful Bill Richardson was most disappointing. He stumbled on the question about Alberto Gonzoles and had a puzzled look on his face during many of the camera shots that came his way. Too bad, but I will put money on him having a high level position in the next administration.

Barack Obama had a good night also, but seemed like he was trying to get past something invisible. I guess he is, but with John Edwards not demonstrating much assertiveness Obama assured himself of remaining the greatest challenge to Clinton.

Who thinks Clinton and Obama will both be on the ticket in 2008?

When Dennis Kucinich pulled his “pocket constitution” out of his coat, I couldn’t help think that all representatives (and former representatives like Tom DeLay) should carry one. And look at it every day.

Don’t forget Shout!!!!

Here is the site to read about the various films and see the schedule and purchase tickets. See you there.
Be sure to see “Bulldigger” tonight, the premier of the doculmentary about Patrica Todd and her election to the Alabama legislature. And on Friday, “Semper Fi” the world premier about the life of Jeff Key. In the archives to the left see my post about Jeff Key.

I was concerned that the rain would destroy the roses and the newly blooming peonies, but the survived. It was the 6 inch high sunflowers that suffered the most, but some sturdy stakes will help them to recover.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the debate update, I do believe that they will share the ticket. NPR this morning hinted to that.

Anonymous said...

I like Richardson, too. I'm just afraid he will be stuck in the shadows in this race.