The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A New Planet and More Roses

What if this new planet that was discovered did support life? And what if the life was intelligent, on the same par as us? And what if their civilization has developed to a level comparable to ours? Unlike us, maybe theirs is a peaceful civilization, and they have never spoiled their environment or depleted their resources.

Imagine we discover first a way to communicate, and the language barriers are quickly overcome. Advancing technology allows us to plan a visit to their planet, and they say they will welcome us. A huge investment is made to send a party of earthlings to the new planet. Using space warp technology, we arrive after just 6 years in space.

And within 8 earth months, we have introduced disease, war, and a disregard for their environment. Within a year, we have screwed their planet up, and started it on the path to ruin, much as we have done to our own planet. Will there be someone like Al Gore to save their environment? A Jimmy Carter to bring peace back to them? A Bill Clinton to promote solving the medical crisis that has developed? Let's hope so.

These roses are about 15 to 20 feet off the ground, the one on the left is "Mermaid" growing up through a magnolia tree. A close up is below.

Mermaid, introduced in 1918, grows up to 30 feet as a climber.

This is Celestial, I have been told, although does it really grow as a climber? This one is about 12 feet tall, growing on the pergola. The fragrance is really outstanding, I look forward to this flower every year.

This is the rose I am calling Will Scarlett until someone corrects me, above the pergola.

And this is the "noisette" (I pictured a single bloom a few days ago). It's blooming up high above the pergola also. Standing (or sitting with a cup of coffee) under the pergola these days one is just immersed in fragrance that is unbelievable. What a way to start your morning!

Too bad storms are coming tonight. We need the rain, but there will be rose petals all over the yard.

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