The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Al, Where were you?

I sometimes watch Imus in the Morning on MSNBC, not to hear what the hot head says, but to hear the people he interviews and listen to the musical artists he has on the show. Now he's in hot water for using a racial slur (that he probably first heard from black rap artists) against the Rutgers women's basketball team and Al Sharpton is calling for his head.

Sharpton is using an awful lot of energy rallying his supporters against Imus, forgetting what he should be preaching (as a minister) about forgiveness. Oh, I know there is a difference between forgiveness and suffering the consequences for your actions, but Al, where were you when Isaiah Washington was calling T. R. Knight a fag? While some were calling for Washington to be fired, did Al Sharpton join them in demanding that severe punishment?

Sharpton says that if Imus is not fired, that gives a free pass to the next person who uses a similar slur, and it reinforces the notion that it's OK to use such language. OK. But why then was Sharpton not outraged when the NAACP awarded Washington the coveted Image Award just weeks after he had left gayhab or rehab or whatever system he entered to learn about diversity. Does that not validate the use of bigoted and offensive language against gays?

I said Sharpton was using a lot of energy because there is something more productive he could be doing. The 2007 Bryant-Jordan Student Athlete Award recipients were honored today in the Birmingham News. Congratulations to the 12 young men and women, and especially to Tommie L. Strain, III of Woodland High School, the overall Scholar Athlete Winner and LaTashia Sheree Greer of Dadeville High School, the Overall Achievement Winner. Of the 12, LaTashia is the only Afican American male or female in the group. Now I know that there are many, many African Americans on high school sports teams, and to have only one receive this recognition highlights the disparities that exist in our public school system. Maybe Sharpton should spend some time in Alabama and protest the racial disparities that we see everyday.

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