The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Now it really IS Spring

It is hard to get agreement on anything. The weather channel reported all day yesterday that it was the first day of spring. I guess today is the first full day of spring. anyway, Happy Spring!

Did you know the United States Postal Service is trying to change the way we receive our mail. Well, probably not most of us, but they are making an effort for change in new subdivisions, proposing that mailboxes be confined to one side of the road. This would mean that half the residents would have to cross the street to retrieve their mail from a box in a neighbor’s yard. And some people might have two or three or more mailboxes in front of their house. Is this what they want?

The USPS argues that this would streamline postal delivery and cut down on costs. But many, me included, think that the change poses a safety risk, especially for children who may be sent to get the mail. In addition, aesthetically it is bad. Visit for more information, and to sign an online petition.

While on the subject, postal rates are going up in May to 41 cents. And now they will be selling “forever stamps.” These stamps will always be valid not matter how much rates increase. So do we buy a zillion of them before the next increase? Or do we sit down and figure how many stamps we will use over what period of time versus the likely periodic increases to see at what point it ceases to be to our advantage to stock up on stamps? Or just pay more bills on line, send more emails and faxes instead of letters, and hardly use any stamps at all?

Our state legislators voted themselves a 62% raise yesterday, overriding Governor Riley’s veto earlier in the day. Newly elected representative Patricia Todd of Birmingham voted against the raise, after considering it, saying “A lot of people in my district live in poverty. I could not in good conscience vote for myself a pay raise.” Bessemer representative Priscilla Dunn voted for the raise. I guess she has a different view of her constituents and poverty in her district. Our senator E. B. McClain also voted for the raise.

And speaking of the governor, he invited 100 company executives to Alabama to go turkey hunting in an effort to promote Alabama. The hunters were paired with Alabama landowners (at least Dick Cheney wasn’t invited…watch out!) in an effort to, as Riley indicated, help dispel whatever myths people might hold about Alabama and its people.
Now really, stop laughing. Doesn’t this just reinforce the image people have about our state? And for those who have been holding their breath waiting for work to begin on the library expansion in Bessemer, exhale. One of the first votes I cast in Bessemer was to increase property taxes to help bail our schools out (5 mills) and for library expansion (3-1/2 mills). I hope they have saved all the money generated; the low bid was 4.6 million. The Birmingham News reports the tax generates at least half a million a year, so they can almost pay cash for it. I mean, what’s a million dollars? The library board could never reach an agreement with First Baptist Church about parking (no surprise there) but now that the Foundry owns the former church that has been worked out. Ground breaking may be this month!

Finally, why can’t Karl Rove testify under oath? Do “they” think its OK to lie, when not under oath? Do we think Rove would tell the truth even if he were under oath? We went through this before during the Valerie Plame investigation. Republicans just don’t like taking an oath to tell the truth, do they?

These horses are made out of driftwood, by artist Heather Jansch of the Westcountry of England. Her website is

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