The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Has Spring Sprung?

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, according to the calendar.

But we don’t need a calendar to tell us spring is almost here. All we need to see are the redbud trees blooming. Driving along highways or residential streets, or looking in one’s own yard, the distinct pink color of the redbud flowers is unmistakable.

This young tree was about three feet tall when I moved here in 2000. Three years ago it produced its first blooms, and now, about 15 feet tall, you can see it is covered in blooms. And it just happens to be in the perfect spot in our yard.

Nearby is my little Japanese Garden, there is a hint of spring there, as these miniature irises are sprouting up around the pagoda.

Another indicator of spring, and of the roses that will soon be blooming, is the Lady Banks Rose, which is the earliest rose to bloom, at least in my yard. This one is the yellow variety, and in a couple of weeks I will be posting a picture of the entire plant in bloom, I hope. But for now, there are just a couple of early birds already opening. Here’s a close-up.

If you want to see a big and beautiful Lady Banks Rose go to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in about 2 weeks. I guess that when mine is blooming, that will be the time to go, and I will let you know.

There are also azaleas beginning to bloom, and dogwoods with little blooms that soon will be full sized, but their pictures will come later.

As you drive through your neighborhoods, look for these early signs of spring. Each day will bring more color, and new life, to our yards and parks. It just makes you want to get outside and dig in the dirt, doesn’t it.

Here is a question for those who live on or near Dartmouth Avenue:

Why can’t the city designate a “truck route” coming from Lipscomb on Dartmouth Avenue, at Carolina Terrace, to Carolina Avenue, all the way to 14th Street or Highway 150?

On this map, where the star is, is the intersection of Carolina Terrace and Dartmouth. (Don’t follow the “brown” line…that was on there when I copied the map).

Doing this would keep those noisy and dangerous trucks off of the residential street Dartmouth Avenue, and send them down the mainly commercial street Carolina. Bus routes would not have to change, and of course emergency vehicles and fire trucks would still use Dartmouth. Earl, are you listening? This is your street.

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Anonymous said...

there might be noisy trucks coming 'through' lipscomb but i doubt they come 'from' lipscomb. we dont have any large noisy commercial trucks in lipscomb. we have no commerce in lipscomb.