The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

No News Today

Most of you know I am in graduate school at UAB (that's University of Alabama Birmingham), and today I am preparing for a big test. Why not spend a few minutes posting comments on the posts below by clicking on the word "comments"? You can use your name, or be anonymous. Look for news of happenings in Bessemer sometime Thursday.



Jennifer (Errett) Robinson said...

I have a big problem with the kids running around on their go-carts and mopeds up and down 20th street from Arlington to Fairfax. I have nearly hit them a couple of times when they dodge out. I have seen the police pursue them a number of times. I am wondering why the police haven't confiscated their rides or done more. I hate that if I were to hit one of them, that I would possibly be held liable or worse yet, if I killed one of them to have to live with that unnecessary tragedy. Does anyone know what we can do about this? Its been a problem for months now. I actually think there are more of them now.
Jennifer Prince

bungalow jen said...

Ditto the comments of Ms. Prince. Travelling Holbrook from Minnesota down 19th Street to my home has become nothing but a high-stakes game of "Frogger." I slammed on my brakes twice just the other day . . . and I was going no more than 20 mph. In case anyone with a badge is reading, the go-carts appear (to my eye) to congregate at a home in the 1900 block of Holbrook Avenue, just to the east of the green bungalow that is for sale. (Cute bungalow, by the way. I think I know now why it's still on the market).

The go-carts (ridden sideways so the rider can reach behind the engine and hold the thottle wide open, thankyouverymuch) seem to have no regard for traffic laws or even common sense as they dart in and out, make U-turns and cross busy roads. Nevermind that they continue to run the unlit little buggers well after dark when they KNOW they can't be seen.

Spring Break and then Summer are on the way. If it's this bad in March, how will it be in a few months? I second the suggestion to have the police look into it.