The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Early spring bloomers

The storm did not do the damage that I feared, and Spring is getting closer and closer.

Here are some more blooming things. We have two of these Japanese magnolias. This one is darker than the one I pictured earlier this week.

The flowers are really loaded with color.

These ornamental cabbage or kale really last the entire winter season and even at the end of their days they add a nice touch to the garden.

The pansies are another winter flower here, but this spring they have really put on a show.

Here is a solid yellow one in an old concrete planter Glenn gave me after his house burned. One of the outdoor pieces that thieves didn't steal.

Lenten Rose is an early bloomer. I was told that Dr. McElroy, the former owner of this house, had Lenten roses, and though I never found any of his, I planted these as a remembrance.

I am very grateful to Dr. McElroy (who lived here from the 1960's until his death in 2000) and to Col. Huey (who lived in this house from 1895 until his death in the mid 1900's) for the garden that they created. There are many unusual plants, and one is this leather leaf mahonia. It's not rare, but there are so many of them here, and some are very tall. They are blooming now, with these yellow flowers that will be replaced with blue berries that the birds love.

Peach trees have beautiful flowers. We haven't gotten any edible peaches from this tree, which is just 3 years old. Maybe this year.

Quince, on the other hand, produces little apple like fruits. We never use them, but maybe this year I'll can some quince jelly.

A red quince.

Snowbells. There are little clumps of these scattered around the yard.

One of the many varieties of daffodil or narcissus.

Next up...azaleas...and then roses.

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