The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Even without sunshine and with cool temperatures the Birmingham Botanical Gardens are wonderful. A friend took Bobby and I on a personal (although short) tour of the Kaul Wildflower Garden, where nature is at its best. I say that, because the plants are in a natural setting, and nature is showing us what she can do.*

I will post a few pictures here, but soon expect to see some of these pics and others with some science behind them on the science blog, where It's been almost a year since I wrote anything. But I'm itching to get back into science.

I'm not going to name any of these plants here. But you will see several species of Trillium, and some other early spring bloomers.

If I were an ant, and had human eyes, this is what I would see. I got down on the ground and took this picture looking up toward the sky, which you can see a bit of in the background.

Stepping out of the wildflower garden (and for one of these pictures, out of the state) here are some roses.

Early blooming Lady Banks rose is currently blooming. This one was spotted in Charleston, South Carolina last week.

This one is in our backyard.

And this one is at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

This is a pretty rose that's in bloom at the gardens as well.

I don't think there is ever a bad time to visit the botanical gardens - something is always in bloom. Even if not much is blooming, there are interesting plants and barks and ferns and mosses, a couple of bee hives, and more.

*There are volunteers and staff members who assist nature in maintaining the garden.

Speaking of flowers, here is Brandon Flowers singing Crossfire. He's about as pretty as any of the flowers pictured here. Another example of nature at its best.

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countrycat said...

Beautiful photos!

My hubby and I toured the gardens last week for the first time. It's a wonderful place and I can't wait to go back.