The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coming out. Justin. Ricky.

"Only you will know when the time is right."

Those were the words heard by Justin as he was contemplating coming out last night on Ugly Betty. Of course, everybody else knew he was gay already, and was accepting, but he had to accept himself.

He was finally convinced that he had nothing to worry about, and that, yes, everything would change, but the change would be for the better.

So he took Austin's hand and led him to the dance floor.

Watch the entire wedding scene here.


Likewise, singer Ricky Martin took the same step last week, realizing the importance to be honest with himself and his kids, a familiar story if I do say so myself.

These two examples, one a fictional character and the other a heartthrob to millions; one a teen in today's world surrounded by the fashion industry, the other a bit older but having grown up in a culture and time when being gay was not so accepted - both show what all gay people have to go through. Accepting one's self, admitting that one is different, is no easy task.

People of my generation often speak of how "easy" young people today have it.

But if that were so, why do gay kids, or kids accused of being gay, still kill themselves, a scenario (true) powerfully told in the movie, Prayers for Bobby?

Why do gay youth, or kids perceived to be gay, still get beat up and/or killed?

Why do gay teens, upon telling their parents they are gay, still get kicked out of their homes?

It is never easy. One never knows what the immediate and distant future will bring.

But, one can be assured that accepting the fact that you are gay, or lesbian, or bisexual, or transgender, will give you an immediate sense of relief, and is the first step in developing the confidence you will need to deal with whatever follows.

Enjoy some Ricky.

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