The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring has arrived

Last week I posted some photographs of pre-Easter beauty in our yard. Now it's post-Easter, and here are how some of those plants, plus a few others, are coming along.

I love our backyard.

First, though, I feel that the first review of a work of art, be it visual art or literature or music, is the most important, at least to the artist. Here is the first review by a reader of Those Others. From that link you can navigate to buy it.

And, I had a letter published in the Birmingham News. Just trying to educate the people of Birmingham. Mine is the second letter on this page, but the first letter is worth reading too.

Here's that tulip that was just a tight bud last week.

Columbine. Its tall spindly stalks wave in the slightest breeze.

This iris has such deep, rich color. A yearly favorite.

This is a type of fritillaria, a newcomer to our garden. Sorry this picture is a little out of focus. I'll try to get a better one.

The Japanese maple shadowing the waterless pond. The Japanese garden is going to grow a little this summer, I believe. See that little evergreen shrub to the left? I am going to expand the Japanese garden area to incorporate that. There's also a crepe myrtle with some lilies that will be a part. More pics on that as it comes to be.

Wisteria. Why does it have to be such a pest?

The Lady Banks Rose is still not at its peak, but it's getting there.

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