The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What do the teabaggers believe in?

The teabaggers may feel energized, but why? I mean, I understand that their centerfold candidate won in Massachusetts and all.

But Americans with brains want to to know: what do you stand for?

Reduced spending? Give specifics. What would you cut? Give me specifics, and I will address them in future postings.

Reduced government regulation? Then why do you keep trying to prevent loving couples from getting married?

When I try to find out what specifically the Teabagger party folks believe in, I either come up with web sites that you can't enter without registration (scary) or videos like this (I think I posted this one before, but let's watch again).

Dang, they are as uneducated as local letter writer Snuffy Garrett, (who made a fool of himself in this week's Western Tribune by not researching before he wrote).
We watched a story on BBC in America where Tea Party members in Washington, Missouri, were interviewed. They couldn't say what they believed in, but they did claim not to be the fringe that we see on TV. Then the fangs came out and they said they would sabotage Republicans that did not agree with their beliefs.

But the Tea Party movement is not all roses either. This video calling on grassroots protesters to avoid the upcoming national teabag convention, and unite, not letting the GOP hijack their efforts.

Notice that while a black person or two is shown in the video, that when they speak of uniting, it is all white hands that come together. A fist bump between a white fist and a black fist seems to represent conflict, not approval, because it immediately follows the words "Don't fall for it again. Not now!"

As best as I can tell, the Tea party movement is a white supremacist, anti-choice, dominionist, homophobic, uneducated (obvious from the first video) group of noisemakers.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be taken seriously. But realize this, as well. Part of the anger in the country is coming from the left. After all, we helped elect the congress and president, and they haven't come through like we expected. So don't think that all the anger reflected in polls and election results comes from the right.

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lipscomb bohemian said...

seems like someone would fill us in...but not sure anyone knows....certainly no one in the video....they all sounded like sara palin followers