The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Bessemer welcome and upcoming elections

A big Bessemer welcome to Matt Moore, who along with his sister Kim Vann and father Bud Moore, purchased the former Dixie Nissan, now named Moore Nissan.

He is optimistic that 2010 will be a good year for the auto industry and for his dealership.

Here is what their web site says about the community.

From the employment opportunities that we provide for individuals to the tax revenues we generate for our City; from giving to local organizations and schools to participating in and promoting local events, you will find that Moore Nissan is a positive force in the Bessemer community and the surrounding vicinity.

In Bessemer and around we have a boatload of elections coming up. Who's getting election fatigue?

Several candidates for these various offices have contacted me. I'm not naming any yet, some have announced and some have not.

On June 1, the state primaries will take place. There are a lot of state offices on the ballot, but I am more interested right now in those candidates who will actually represent and be in touch with the people. You know, representatives and commissioners and such.

So, here in Bessemer and near, we will elect new county commissioners. Bobby Humphryes indicates he will run again, but none of the other commissioners are. Celebrate.

If you live in William Bell's former district, you will vote twice, once for a replacement to finish his term, and again for someone to represent the district beginning in November when the other commissioners begin their terms.

Recently elected state legislators will have to run again.

Lawrence McAdory will have to run again for the seat that he just won in the special election for Alabama House -56. People are lining up to challenge him.

Merika Coleman in nearby district 57 will have competition from at least one strong contender.

State Senator (District 19) Priscilla Dunn will be up for re-election. Remember, she just won the seat in another special election, and formerly held the seat the McAdory now holds.

By the time that election and the runoffs, if needed (on June 22), are over, the Bessemer city elections will be well underway.

The mayor and council elections will take place in the late summer/early fall, assuming Bessemer can legally hold an election.

Several announced and unannounced candidates want to replace Ed May, who despite telling supporters in my living room in 2006 that he would only serve one term, would be seeking his third.

And there will be at least one open council seat, as one current council member is running for mayor. Another incumbent, who I am not sure if is running (but really I am), told me the people of Bessemer should elect a whole new council. We should be so lucky.

After all, it is a bad year to be an incumbent, and this holds true from the U.S. Senate down to dogcatcher, so watch out.

In the meantime, we have the President's State of the Union Address to look forward to, James OKeefe's arrest to gloat over, and the knowledge that Riley Anti-Gambling Task Force head John Tyson got $100,000 of his 2006 campaign funds from gambling interest PACS to stew over.

Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris performed this song during the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon. Not the best version ever, but nice, still. Hallelujah.

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