The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Western Tribune Column September 16, 2009 "Race"

This column was written on Friday, well before President Carter made comments about the role race is playing in the vitriol we are hearing about President Obama. I will post a video of president Carter's comments after the column.

I also was sent this video by Zach (thanks, Zach) on the origins of white privilege.

That video explains, in part, why the white people that I write about in the column have developed the (erroneous) beliefs that I mentioned.

Western Tribune Column

There is a segment of the American people who can’t look to the future. They are always looking back. Take Glenn Beck for instance. He sponsored an event in Washington DC called the 9-12 Project, and wants to take us all back to the place we were as a nation on September 12, 2001.

On that day we were a terrified nation with a vague sense of enemy. We did not know for sure that the terror would not continue to spread beyond the city of New York or the Pentagon or a field in Pennsylvania. We were fearful. Right wingers like Beck often use fear to influence and manipulate people.

Then there are the “teabaggers” and “birthers”, mostly middle aged and older white men and women who want to “take our country back” even further. Back to when?

Back to the days of their youth, when life was good and conservatism ruled the land? Back to the days of less government, before social programs were developed to assist less fortunate members of our society?

Progress has been made in many areas over the last half century and we are a better nation because of it. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are examples of social programs appreciated by those who receive the benefits. But other social programs such as welfare and housing assistance are perceived by some as helping racial minorities at the expense of “hard-working” whites.

By advocating for the days of less government what they really want is less assistance to the “have-nots,” which to them, means blacks.

Some of the protests have been overt and others have been subtle but there is an obvious lack of comfort among some Republicans at having a black man in the White House. Joe Wilson, the South Carolina legislator who ignored established decorum and shouted “You lie” during the president’s address during a joint session of congress last week, is a good example. Wilson is a member of Sons of Confederate Veterans, a Southern heritage group that defends slavery and advocates secession. He even voted to keep the Confederate flag flying over the South Carolina capitol.

His lack of respect for the first African-American president might have given courage to the disruptive protesters who wish we could return to the days of segregated lunch counters.

Fortunately the leaders in congress and the majority of Americans feel differently. We voted for and we support our president.

President Carter:


Joe said...

Please go into some detail and tell my why I am a racist.

beverly j. said...

Yes. Let's go back to when we had LESS GOVERNMENT! Joe, Carter showed by his comments that, indeed, he was the WORST President this nation has EVER had. Obama is the second.

Carter didn't mention that is was the WHITE VOTE that got Obama elected in the first place. People don't challenge the man b/c he is black. They are scared because (1) his Healthcare reform cannot be paid for, and (2) he has already spent more money in this calendar year than ANY YEAR in the history of this country...and it is only September.

If you would get your head out of the liberal sand that you keep it in and open your eyes and stop watching MSNBC, you might understand that we are spiraling out of control and it has nothing to do with race! NOTHING! NOTTA!

Joe said...

Explain why Carter's comments show he was the worst president. Since he didn't mention the time he served, or any of his policies, how do his comments show this?

And Beverly, you can deny it all you want, but the evidence shows that many of the teabaggers are racist. They may be the fringe, but they are republican.

Dan said...

Joe...why don't you apply for a job on Olbermann's staff as a writer?

Beck was talking about the spirit of patriotism and togetherness that we felt that day. There were no dems and repubs. No conservatives and liberals. There was just Americans. It was a great day, considering the previous 24 hours.

But the fact of the matter is, there are hundreds of thousands of lazy Americans who do not have enough gumption to get up and go look for a job b/c of some of the programs you mentioned. It is not the job of our government to support you when you can't get up off your butt and fill out an application. I'm not rich, but I do okay. But if I was rich, if I had made it by hard work and sweat, and I knew that my government here in the "Land of Opportunity" was going to tax me at a higher rate simply because I was successful, and give my hard earned money to pay for health care for someone who won't get up and get a job, I would be MAD AS HELL.

Yes, there are people who need assistance. There are people who sincerely cannot do for themselves. But our country was founded by proud, hard working Americans, and some of the progress you refer to has made us soft, lazy and has people expecting a hand out on every turn.

Going back would not be such a bad idea.

Joe said...

Good idea Dan. maybe I will apply to his show or to Rachel's show.

beverly j. said...

I would be willing to bet you money Joe, that the percentage of "teabaggers" who are indeed "racists" is LESS than the percentage of blacks who voted for Obama simply because he was black. Now you tell me which is worse?

Carter's numbers show that he was a horrible president. Do I need to remind you of inflation or the jobless rate during his administration? His comments show his ignorance. Our country is headed in the wrong direction, and it has nothing to do with the fact that Obama is black. It has to do with the fact that he had no experience for the job. Less than one term as a congressman. No political background whatsoever. And if you take away the votes that were cast simply on the basis that he was a black man, he would not be president today.

Yet people want to take a stand against big government, and the very people who voted for him because he was black want to yell racism. Unbelievable!!!

beverly j. said...

I think it would be hard to find a RACIST IN OFFICE in the rebulican party. This whole issue is an effort to detract attention from the TRUTH (something that Dems have a real problem with). And that truth is that Obama is falling fast in approval by the American people. It's not a race issue Joe. Look at what is happening. He cannot lead this country. This pathetic Healthcare reform is not going to work. It can't be paid for. There are way too many unanswered questions. It will require taking funds from medicare. The older people aren't upset about that because the man is black, they are upset because it is going to affect them.

Anonymous said...

You are racists because I say you are! Just like you say all the teabaggers are racist. Because you think they are? So, you are racist because by your own definition I can call you that without proving it so! How about this....all gays have AIDS!!!! See my point? Your blog should be called "Bessemer Hatred"!

Joe said...

Beverly, Joe Wilson's membership in Sons of Confederate Veterans is enough to convince me. they are for salvery and seccession. he voted to fly the confederate flag over the capitol.

Obama's poll numbers will come back. Just wait.

Dan, I didn't say all teabaggers were racist. In my column I said "some" Republicans and "a segment" of people.

Drew said...

I would have voted to fly the Conferderate Flag over the Capital! Whats wrong with that? I see flags that offend me all the time, I don't bitch and whine about it! Osama's world is crashing around him. I think he will prove to be worse than Carter. You can't disrespect the American people and expect to have their 4 cents.

Joe said...

That surprises me. Do you see flags flying all the time over government buildings that offend you? The only flags I see are the US flag, the state flag and the POW/MIA flag. Which one of those offends you?

john from Hoover said...

Did someone mention Rachel Maddow? Can I go throw up now?

Bev, Dan, you guys are right on. Joe, once again you are showing your true "colors". For Carter to mention racism towards a black man who was put in office by white people is laughable. Just like his administration was.

I wouldn't hold my breath about O's numbers coming up. If he tries to force this Healthcare issue through and ignore the wishes of the American people, he will not be re-elected. If it DOES pass, it will take less than two years for people to see what an assault is will be on our economy and on the future of our children and, again, he will not be re-elected.

As for you voting for Obama, I recall you being a big Hilary supporter, until she lost. Now you are a big Obama supporter. What are you going to do once he goes down the tube Joe?

randy said...

DREW! GREAT post. You are winner of the best post of the day. Yall better watch it. Too many of us have an 'opinion' different from Joe's. Very soon he is going to shut down our comments on this subject. That is what he does when people with common sense start posting.

Don't worry Joe. Just like the rest of us, you are FREE to voice your opinion. You are just wrong on this one.

Joe said...

John, Yes I was a Hillary supporter. Yes, now I support Obama. Yes their policy differences were minor, so why wouldn't I transfer my support over to him now that he is the head of state and commander in chief?

Remember, he was voted in so he could reform health care. He's just doing what the people who voted for him wanted.

Unknown said...

Joe, I am amazed by the comments that I read here. I thought that the Wise video on some of the history of white priveledge was very interesting. I wish that those making comments here would watch it, but I guess it's easier to just turn on Faux News and be told who to hate and how to think. Sad.
Your Trib column was right-on, by the way...thoughtful, succinct, fact-based, and well-written. Bravo! I would think that Republicans and conservatives who were not racist would be standing up to clarify that all of them are NOT racist, but their silence surrounding this speaks volumes. Audre Lorde said "Your Silence Will Not Protect You".

Drew said...

Why does that surprise you? That flag symbolizes my southern heritage. I am proud of my lineage. Other flags.......have you done much research into these Motorcycle club flags mean that they fly on the bikes? How about when imigrants fly our flag upside down. Another would be the auburn flag.......yuk!

Drew said...

Gosh Randy, I'm so proud.....when do I get my prize....lemme guess in, in 3 yrs 4 mos?

Drew said...

Because I have ancestors who fought under the battle flag! Some died, some lived......I can't help it if the klan took over a flag. I guess I could take over the Mexican flag and call it the official flag of Drew....would it mean anything less to mexicans? And about that auburn flag..........yuk

Joe said...

Drew, I can understand your sentiment, but I cannot understand wanting to honor an attempt to break this country apart, which is what was happening with southern succession. In effect, treason. that is what you are honoring. As Tim Wise said in the video, it was about upholding the (dishonorable) tradition of keeping slaves. Watch the video if you haven't.

My ancestors fought for the north, but I don't go around bragging about that part of my heritage or flying the flag of the Indiana regiment.

Maybe I should be more proud of my northern heritage, though, now that I think about it. And about my illegal immigrant heritage.

randy said...

Fact based? What in Joe's article was fact based Jo? mean when he said "there is an obvious lack of comfort among some Republicans at having a black man in the White House?" That is not a fact, Jo, THAT sounds just like something you would hear from Maddow or Matthews.

No, the FACT is that there is an obvious lack of comfort among AMERICANS at having a man (of ANY color) in the White House who is spending money that we don't have, and is trying to FORCE a Healthcare Plan through that the majority of Americans DO NOT approve of. THAT is what is causing the lack of comfort.

Carter was doing what Dems do. He was taking one for the team. He is trying to stir up something to take everyone's eyes OFF of the real issue. Clinton did it the entire time he was in office. That is the way they work.

We aren't falling for it Joe and Jo.

Joe said...

Randy, you give me comic relief. " spending money that we don't have." Odd that you didn't speka up when Bush was spending billions we didn't have on a war that wasn't just, giving tax breaks to the wealthy but not finding ways to cut costs at the same time, spending millions (billions?) on a medicare drug plan...wait he didn't fund it, he's making the old people pay for it with the reduced coverage they have through plans like United health's garbage. Yeah its OK for Bush to run up the deficit. The Republican spending spree is the cause of our economic problems, yet you can't admit that. What a crock you are Randy.

Joe said...

OK John, that does it. Your comment is not being published because it contains a 100% anybody can prove otherwise lie.

Read just a little bit, John, about the proposed healthcare plans supported by our president. and then, quit telling lies about it!!!

john in hoover said...

You are pathetic Joe. What lie are you talking about??? You are just like the liberal media, only showing what YOU believe to be the truth. Read all the comments on here, Joe. YOU ARE WRONG!!!! I write a post that makes COMPLETE sense to those with a brain, but you don't even have the balls to post it. YOu are a freaking JOKE

beverly j. said...

I'd kinda like to read what John wrote.

Joe said...

OK, Beverly. Here's what I will do. It's a compromise, something the republicans don't understand, but here's how it works. I am going to print John's comment, minus the lies. that way I am upholding the president's standard of not wasting time with liars and calling them out and all.

From John in Hoover:

Don't worry Randy, I was waiting for this one.

JOE, YOU ARE WRONG my friend. You cannot compare Bush's spending to Obama's.

First of all, the DEMS in congress VOTED FOR the war so they are just as responsible. (OK John, you got me there).

Secondly, giving a tax break to the wealthy is how you help keep the economy going, NOT by taking money from the people who actually supply the jobs. Obama is going to***********, causing them to******************. You, along with your democratic friends don't get it. You have NO CLUE how to stimulate an economy. Printing money and hoping people will spend it is not the way to do it. Thirdly, look at what Obama is proposing. It will*****************, and will ********************who sit home, watch Ophrah and smoke cigs all day.

I didn't think you allowed name calling on this site, but since you said it to Randy, I guess I can say it to you - Joe, YOU are the crock if you actually believe that anything this President is doing is going to work. NO WAY - JOSE'!!!

Drew said...

"You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is the beginning of the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."*

*Adrian Rogers, 1931*

christi said...

WOW - interesting Joe. You "bleeped" out what john said that Obama was going to do and what he was proposing. I'm as interested as Beverly. I'd like to see for myself what he wrote.

Maybe it WASN'T a lie. Maybe it was. Nonetheless, it was john's 'opinion' and Im interested to see what it was. Why don't you let us, your readers, decide whether or not it was factual.

I have to admit, what you are doing here is indeed exactly what the liberal media does. Only shows us what they WANT us to see. I hope you realize that.

rev. bill said...

AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thank you Joe for posting that one from Drew. Awesome

Joe said...

Drew - Please do your homework before posting comments. Do you even know who Adrian Rogers was?

He was a southern Baptist preacher, born in 1931. So did he give this speech during his birthyear?

Here's another quote from Rogers, "I believe slavery is a much maligned institution; if we had slavery today, we would not have this welfare mess."

Now, taking Roger's argument, though, and since you agree with it, I assume you are against medicare for the elderly and medical care for veterans at the VA.

Christi, look closely at my post. The parts I took out are preceeded by "is" and "causing" and "it will" and "will." Those words do not precede opinions, John was stating what he believed as fact.

rev. bill said...

OMG JOE...stop!!!! You are making this way too easy. You are WORSE than Olbermann and Matthews. If you are going to quote wikipedia then QUOTE it.

***Cecil Sherman writes in his autobiography that he once questioned Rogers about biblical inerrancy with reference to New Testament passages that seem to support slavery. Sherman reports that Rogers replied: "I believe slavery is a much maligned institution; if we had slavery today, we would not have this welfare mess."

SHERMAN REPORTS that Rogers replied!!!! This is NOT A QUOTE from Adrian Rogers. It is what Cecil Sherman SAID that Rogers said.

Come on dude, stop the spinning!!!!!

Joe said...

I don't make any excuse for my quote of Rogers. He was a homophobe and I have no respect for him. It doesn't surprise me that he would make such a statement.

The quote is on many other sites than Wikipedia, by the way.

Mike Matthews said...

Someone who believes that the Bible teaches homosexuality is wrong (which it does) is not a homophobe.

I used to attend Bellview Bapt Church, a church with more than 20,000 members, thanks in part to the preaching of Dr. Rogers. We had a ministry specifically for those battling homosexuality. It was one of the best evangelistic programs in our church.

We welcomed homosexuals to come and be part of our congregation. Dr. Rogers was far from a homophobe. I have spent time in the man's home and have never known anyone with as much love in their hearts for people as Adrian Rogers.

Joe said...

Definition: Homophobe
–noun; a person who fears or hates homosexuals and homosexuality.

I am not saying he hated homosexuals. But he certainly hated homosexuality. And feared it to, since he tried to boycott an amusement park where gays gathered once a year.

Plus anyone who advocates "battling homosexuality" is a homophobe, pure and clear. do you battle left handnedness as well?

And I'm not going to let a discussion of so called ex-gay therapy begin here. we've been through that a number of times.