The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Dan Choi

First Lieutenant Dan Choi is an Arabic-speaking linguist who is being fired from the Army National Guard because he is gay. As Commander in Chief, Barack Obama is responsible for this.

Between 1996 and 2006 60 Arabic linguists were discharged for being gay under Don't Ask, Don't Tell. 12,500 otherwise qualified personnel have been discharged under the policy, at a cost of over $360 million.

Ejecting brave men and women with specialist skills is a threat to national security and leads to a dangerously weakened military, as Choi explains: “On Monday, September 10th 2001, a message was intercepted by the State Department: tomorrow is zero hour.

"Despite its simplicity, nobody was able to translate it. Any of the dozens of linguists already discharged for being gay at the time would have done so easily.” pinknews

911 could have possibly been avoided if this discriminatory policy had not been in place.

Here, Aaron Belkin explains why President Obama should and why he can sign an executive order today to stop this practice.

Straight people are really interested in the progress of gay rights, as this report from CNN shows. They start out talking about marriage but turn to DADT during the segment.

The segment points out, correctly I believe, that the gay community is being patient because we understand that there is a lot going on. Don't do anything contentious regarding gays just before you want to get a (hopefully) equality minded Supreme Court justice affirmed.

But, come on Mr. President. Save Dan Choi's job. Our country needs him.

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Bhamdaniel said...

Since,at least the end of 2003 & through January of 2009, I have written, e-mailed and called State Dept.staff, U.S. Congressman and the D.O.D on its devastating decision to remove, "gay/lesbian," members of the U.S. military. My first and most major concern were the extremely high number of military multi-linguists, including National Guardsmen & Reservist, who had the knowledge and ability to act as both interpreters at the time of need in the field and the need for those who could translate documents and other writings. Even the Joint Chiefs of Staff were said to be, "quite concerned," about the lack of those with multi-language skills, and especially where the Middle East is concerned.These men and women serve our nation well, and offer a most valuable service.I still wonder, though, that if, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell and ['Yes,'] Don't Persue," is eliminated, then with what will it be substituted. Most intelligent individuals have always understood that gays and lesbians have ALWAYS been a presence in the armed services. Personally, I think that before we continue to tackle the issue of same-sex marriage for example, that we first focus on a reasonable and fair substitute to, "Don't As, Don't Tell, Don't Persue." Semper Fi!