The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Torture and Prayer


A poll by the Pew Forum has shown that frequent churchgoers are most likely to support torture.White Evangelical protestants are the religious group most likely to agree.

Here are the poll results.

What gets me is that 15% of Americans (18% of Evangelical Protestants) think torture can be justified often. Let's not elect these people to office...please! But just as important, let's not select them to stand in the pulpit.

I guess what this indicates is that attending a weekly church service messes up one's moral compass, at least as far as human ethics and such are concerned.

That is not to say that there are not churches out there that respect humanity enough to teach that torture is wrong (notice that 25% of weekly churchgoers believe torture is never justified).


With the National Day of Prayer coming up (May 7)here's some poll results on prayer, also from Pew.

Notice, the older one is, the more likely one is to pray daily, females are much more likely than males, and the more income one makes, the less likely. God v. mammon, I guess.


steve said...

WOW...look where this clip came from CNN (Christianity No-more Network)

Again, are we surprised?

Bhamdaniel said...

You may include me and likely 99.9%of my church, those who attend, "regularly," as ALWAYS opposed to torture, in whatever mode and by whatever means. Maybe it's time that the World Court in Geneva take this subject for investigation. WE are NOT the center of the universe and should be held to a much higher standard than any other nation!