The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fire in Bessemer

When I left home tonight to go to the Public Building Authority meeting the air smelled funny. Something was burning.
It was a building at Fourth Avenue and 2oth Street, the building housing Gibson Sheet Metal. It was hard to tell where the fire started, it could have been in the building in the center of the block that The Foundry uses for storage. At the other end of the block is a building I think owned by the development board, and it was empty, I am told.

Here are a couple of pictures, taken with my phone.

Lots of water going on this fire. Two streams (help me Wayne, what's the right terminology?) from the ladder truck, one from the back of a truck, and one from the ground.


Anonymous said...

Joe - the right terminology is "lots of water going on this fire!" ;-)

Yes, you have a ladder truck there and it is certainly doing neat things with streams of water. Not sure where the water is going but there's lots of it!

The water coming off the back of the truck is from a mounted deck gun. Looks like the ground stream is from a regular 3" hose nozzle.

Did anyone go in for an offensive attack, or was it handled from the outside?

Joe said...

Thanks for the quick response. Oh yeah, you are a firefighter and are used to quick response.

The trucks were just arriving when I got to my meeting. I didn't get to the fire until after the meeting, about 45 minutes later, so I don't know. I am sure they went in to check for people, a friend of mine made sure they had keys to the facilities to make entry easier. But as for water from the inside, I don't know.