The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Country Music is OK*

*That is more than I can say about the Alabama state Senate.

I have little to say about the state legislature. Well, the Senate. If we are not worthy of them going to Montgomery and doing what they are being paid to do, then they are not worthy of (very much of) my time.

But to kill several important (and progressive) bills because they can't come to consensus on $25 million of the education budget is plain pitiful. $25 million sounds like a lot of money, but in the education budget, which is about $6.36 billion, it's chump change, about 0.4% of the budget.

I know there is a lot of bickering over this budget, involving more than the 25 million, but still. In a year when proration is being discussed due to decreased revenues we are going to spend $400,000 on a special session because the people we sent there to do the job can't do it?

So I will just focus on today's big election. No, not the one in Kentucky and Oregon. I'm talking about David Cook and David Archuleta on American Idol, who will give their all in their attempt to become the next forgotten winner.

Of all the previous winners, only Carrie Underwood seems to have locked up a career. Kelly Clarkson, forgotten; Ruben Studdard, underwhelming; Taylor Hicks, Grease (not that there is anything wrong with theater, but hardly where music fans expect to find their "Idols").

No, for success, you have to look at the losers: Chris Daughtry comes to mind. And Jennifer Hudson, an early exiter in 2004, has an Oscar for Dreamgirls (OK, I know, Hollywood isn't where music fans look for "Idols" either, but success is success and she has an oscar!)

Back to "country music" where the Carrie Underwood reference was supposed to lead. The New Yorker stated that "Any enterprise that lets Dolly Parton expand on her work for an hour is adding to the common good," referring to the week that the contestants worked with the superstar and her influence on them and the show.

True. And country music continues to grow. Sunday night's Country Music Awards on CBS had 11.7 million viewers, second only to Desperate Housewives (ABC) 16.8 million. Some of us saw both (there are reasons to watch DH) and got to see this performance by Taylor Swift, one of the reasons country music is growing in popularity. And as you watch, remember how in the past I have shown favor toward people who displayed pure joy...well watch Taylor at the end of her song and you can tell how thrilled she is with her performance. The first video I posted of this has been removed and this one most likely will too, so watch now.

I just wonder what her hairdresser thought of this.

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Anonymous said...

i will however certainly agree with you on the senate. i fail to see how we need to pay anyone who doesnt have time to do what they are paid for