The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catching Up on Issues

The voters had their way and (drumroll) the winner is ....David Cook. Good choice. In this song he "still hasn't found what he is looking for," but now he has. Let's see what he can do with it.

Victoria has decided that her secret counts and Victor's secret doesn't, in Kentucky. Even though the owner of the adult novelty store is named Victor (Mosely) a federal judge ruled he can not use his name in promoting his stores. Story He will just have to keep his little secret. Apparently Victor's wife Cathy now has a secret, as the store is named "Cathy's Little Secret." Do you think these T shirts have just increased in value?


And I am glad to see so many letters in the Birmingham News about Larry Langford's ill-conceived opposition to the syphilis ads on buses. The letter writers all make good points. Realistically, how many high risk people are going to go to a church or town hall style meeting to learn about syphilis? Yes the ads were certainly "in your face" and that is whole point about reaching people.

What strikes me in this morality play being staged by Langford and Bettye Fine Collins is that Collins is one of the six voting members of the health department board, but she didn't attend the meeting when the syphilis program was discussed. She said "They have known the 5 o'clock time was a difficult time for me because many times I'm out in my district."

Is that an excuse? "In her district" could just mean she is at home sitting on the veranda with a toddy at 5 o'clock. This board meets once a month, and has to do with the health of our community. Oh yeah, I forgot, Bettye Fine Collins doesn't care about the health of the community and especially of the less fortunate. Remember, she wants to close Cooper Green Hospital. It's kind of reminds me of former FEMA chief Mike Brown in his interview with Jim Lehrer on September 1, 2005 soon after Katrina.

The second part of my answer, Jim, which, I think, again, the American people understand how fascinating and unusual this is -- is that we're seeing people that we didn't know exist that suddenly are showing up on bridges or showing up on overpasses or parts of the interstate that aren't inundated, and that now we're trying to get to them by Coast Guard helicopter to at least get them some immediate relief so we can start airlifting them out.

"Fascinating" that "we" didn't know that poor black people existed in New Orleans. And Collins and Langford want to just ignore the needs of the underprivileged in our city and county. What quality leaders we have!!! They rank right up there with Brownie.


And while I am thinking about conservatives and republicans, watch this video of Kevin James, conservative radio talk show screamer, make a fool of himself with Chris Matthews on Hardball. It's about 9 minutes long, but worth it to James get pummelled.

This is so typical of righties when they learn a new word (in this case "appeasement") and make into the buzz word of the day without even knowing what the word means.

Appeasement! Appeasement!


I was accused by a reader of The Western Tribune of being "kin" to Neville Chamberlain a while back ( I wrote about it here ) and I wonder if the letter writer knows any more than Kevin James about the history in the 1930's. Birds of a feather...

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