The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Planet Hater Rush Limbaugh, and Antarctica Stuff

Rush Limbaugh has to be one of the most irresponsible people on the planet. Yesterday he had one of those little fits he sometimes has, this time about global warming and MSNBC. Limbaugh was critical that NBC and all the little NBC's are going green, and in particular he didn't like Bob Costas bringing this up during the NFL pre-game show.

Limbaugh said he didn't think politics was supposed to be brought into sports, since his Donovan McNabb incident a few years ago, but that NBC is doing it.

Rush...heads up. This is not a political is an enviromental issue.

Limbaugh then went on to show his lack of knowledge and understanding of science in general and climate change in particular, and is just another planet hater. (Similar to the editor of the Western Star, except Limbaugh knows not to plagiarize).

My mother used to use an expression something like "cutting off your nose to spite your face," and Limbaugh did just that when he said he said turtle season was over so he turned on all his outside lights, more than usual, and left them on to counter the effects of those turning off their lights to conserve energy.

Why don't you leave your car running all night too Rush, or leave the windows open when you run your air conditioner? Conservative is supposed to mean conserving (that includes energy), and you promote wasting? Oh, just like the republican led congress and president did with our money prior to 2007.

Any normal and responsible person, even if they were not aware or convinced of climate change, would still want to conserve energy and work to improve the enviroment.

NBC has sent the Today Show's Ann Curry to Antarctica, and Matt Lauer to the Arctic to report on climate and environmental issues.

But did you know that UAB has a connection, a major one, to Antarctica? In fact, an island has been named for two UAB researchers , Charles and Margaret Amsler?

UAB has had scientists in the frozen land doing research. Look at this video's just a couple of minutes long. See who, from our community, is involved in this important work, and hear them tell us why.


One thing I like about fall is seeing certain flowers make their last effort at blooming before cold weather sets in. The little noisette roses that I have pictured before are doing just that.

When really, they should be satisfied with already producing numerous bright orange rose hips like these.

Dogwoods are known around here for their flowers in the spring, but in the fall they produce vibrant leaves and bright red berries.

And mums come in all colors, but look at these. They came from the Publix on Highway 150, if you want one.


Trey said...

Listening to Rush is a depressing excercize. The abysmally inane nonsense and lies those people will just let that guy spoon-feed them... wow! But I think that's an important difference betweent he right and left... people on the right want to snuggle into their "comfort-ideology" and avoid differing opinions because they find them threatening. Those on the left are more inclined to seek out an opposing viewpoint to broaden their perspective, and to stay aware of what's being floated out there.

Anonymous said...

rush has said and uttered so many blunders in his career.

but aww, those mums reminds me so much of my Poulsbo florist those were his favorites.

Anonymous said...

"I think that's an important difference between he right and left... people on the right want to snuggle into their "comfort-ideology" and avoid differing opinions because they find them threatening. Those on the left are more inclined to seek out an opposing viewpoint to broaden their perspective"

I would have to disagree. I was very liberal until college and my opinion changed when I saw that many of my liberal professors and fellow students would not listen to an opposing viewpoint even if it was presented in a well-researched and articulate manner. At the same time I observed many of my conservative/republican friends and relatives showing more and more acceptance to minorities, interracial marriage, same-sex couples and other religions than my "liberal"/democrat relatives and friends. I was also surprised at how open many conservatives are open to progressive issues nowadays.

During this time I learned that to apply the labels of liberal, conservative or progressive on someone and expect them to conform to your opinion of how that person should act and think is very prejudiced.

I now find myself too liberal to be accepted by conservatives, too conservative to be accepted by liberals, too religious for the non-religious and am pretty much considered a heretic by the church-goers. I am pretty much frowned upon by all the die-hards but for the first time in my life I actually feel pretty open minded and grounded.

The moral of the story: don't be hatin' so much.

Trey said...

Of course, I was over-generalizing, conservative liberal, but I think there is a modicum of validity to my generalization when applied to the Rush Limbaugh brand of supposed "conservatism".

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm not disagreeing that Limbaugh is an asshat and that he has his loyal followers who will fail to ever disagree with him. Just with the statement quoted above.