The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"What Happened" Indeed

Often when Scott McLellan was presiding over daily press briefings as White House Press Secretary it seemed he was lying...and by george (Bush's orders) he was. An excerpt from his book "What Happened," was released, and he says he (unknowingly) told untruths about who leaked Valerie Plames identity. Story on AOL news

Since the president and his cronies lied about this, why should we believe anything they say? Of course, most of us haven't believed a word out of W since the day he smirked into office.

How about Jordan Fox? Billed by the Pentagon asking for $3000 of his $5000 enlistment signing bonus back because he could not serve his full term with the military. Of course he couldn't serve it because he was injured by an IED while on duty in Iraq. The Pentagon letter referred to the "indebtedness due us." No, we the United States, are indebted to this man for his service to our country.

While the Pentagon has reversed course and will not require Fox to repay the money, he says the problem continues for other soldiers and he will work to correct this.

Just a little more evidence that once veterans return home, they are forgotten by our government.

And on the local campaign front, there are 75 candidates running for delegate to the democratic convention. There are a few days left to qualify, until Friday December 7, so probably more will be listed by then. But so far there are 45 running for Hillary Clinton, 12 for Barack Obama, 6 for John Edwards, 1 for Bill Richardson and 11 uncommitted. And the Jefferson Jackson Dinner on Friday, November 30 will feature General Wesley Clark. You can probably still get tickets by calling the party headquarters at 1-800-995-3386 but there are no more tickets online at the Alabama Democratic Party web site.

If nothing shows up here tomorrow, it's because I am stuffing myself with turkey and dressing and plopping in front of a TV. So here is a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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