The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

September? Not What the Voters Were Hoping For!

These are the headlines as they appeared on aol this morning: (I disabled the links).

Huge ExplosionWows Scientists
Expert Says 'This Was the King'
See What Astronomers Found'

Blast Kills Worker in Las Vegas 'Unusual' Murder at Famed Casino

So did the stellar explosion kill the worker in Las Vegas?

Now the democrats in congress are considering a plan to fund the war through September, and maybe a good number of republican lawmakers will go along with that. However, waiting almost a year since the November 2006 election before something is done about the war is not the message the American voters sent. Democrats in congress are being pushed back, but there is no corner they are being backed in to from which they will attack back, and no cliff they will stumble off of as they retreat from the will of the voters. They are just retreating and allowing American service members to be at risk for a few more months while Bush and Petraeus roll the dice hoping for some measure of success. Trouble is, we still don't know what success is, we still don't know who the enemy is, we still don't know why we are there, and we don't know what victory is.

I gave Wolfowitz three weeks and it looks like his removal is being negotiated by European countries as they agree to let the U. S. choose the next World Bank president if the current president steps down. A World Bank commitee has found him guilty of breaking rules and there is no way they will allow him to stay on. Who's next?

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