The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Bush Casualty

Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty is stepping down; making him the highest ranked Bush administration casualty in the U. S. attorney’s firing case. He will remain until late summer. He will join Kyle Sampson and Monica Goodling as justice department officials who have resigned as the controversy continues. And the ring leader, Alberto Gonzales, remains with the full support of Bush. Will that support fade after Gonzales turns over his emails today?

Paul Wolfowitz is getting closer to getting the boot. A World Bank committee made up of board members called on the full board to make a decision on Wolfowitz’s fate. My prediction at the first of the month was that he would be gone by May 22, so we are still on track.

Unrelated (I hope), Eric Rudolph is taunting his victims by having his essays posted on the Army of God web site. Rudolph and his Army of God connections prove that Radical Christian Fundamentalism exists. Donald Spitz, who maintains the web site has railed against abortion providers and their staffs, gays and lesbians (using not so nice words), and Muslims, among others. Rudolph brings Jesus in to the equation by arguing that he (Jesus) would condone “militant action in defense of the innocent.”

And shame on The Birmingham News using a picture of Rudolph that looks like it came out of Entertainment Magazine. The attractive, mysterious image on page 1B should be replaced by a mug shot photo. I won't promote Rudolph by reproducing his picture here.

Anyway, yes, Jesus was radical. But Jesus was radical in his love for all, and he even told us to love our enemies. He promoted tolerance and acceptance, not “militant action”. Radical Christians are Christian in name only, and don’t represent true Christianity, anymore than radical Islamic fundamentalists represent the true Muslim religion.

Let’s see if tolerance and acceptance is promoted in Birmingham today.

Pomegranates grow on large shrubs and these are the flowers that will later produce fruit. These shrubs were already here when we moved to this house.

Foxgloves are another traditional flower that I am trying to establish around the house. I doubt they will ever be as striking as the foxgloves at my neighbor Jane's house.

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