The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

I’ve taken one final exam, two to go. But by Bush’s standards, I can proclaim “Mission Accomplished” like he did four years ago on the USS Abraham Lincoln, even though the fighting continued and the insurgency was already underway. To Bush, “Mission Accomplished” doesn't mean the task is finished; it’s just something to say to make yourself feel better.

Don’t tell me he really didn’t mean the war was over, or the banner was put up by the ship’s crew about their mission and the president didn’t know anything about it.

3351 U. S. service members are dead. The surge continues.

January, 83 dead. February, 80 dead, March, 81 dead, April, 104 dead. Like I said, the only thing surging is American and Iraqi casualties.

Let’s look at Iraqi deaths for the same period.

January, 91 police/military dead, 1711 civilians dead, February, 150 police/military dead, 1381 civilians dead, March, 215 police/military dead, 1674 civilians dead, and April, 158 police/military dead, 1482 civilians. Mission accomplished?

These statistics come from the Department of Defense, and they admit that the numbers are not complete for the Iraqi deaths, so the numbers are actually higher.

And Bush wants more money to continue this war indefinitely.

56 % of Alabamians disapprove of Bush, according to Survey USA poll reported last week. And across the nation, over 60% disapprove of the president. Americans went to the polls in November and overwhelmingly told congress to get us out of Iraq. Today the congress will present the president with a plan to do just that. As Barack said, we are just one signature from beginning to bring our troops home.

According to the Bush administration we shouldn’t even have to be paying for this war. Remember when Paul Wolfowitz was Deputy Defense Secretary in September 2003 and said, “There’s a lot of money to pay for this that doesn’t have to be U.S. taxpayer money, and it starts with the assets of the Iraqi people…and on a rough recollection, the oil revenues of that country could bring between $50 and $100 billion over the course of the next two or three years…We’re dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon.”

Here is the current cost of the war, over 400 billion dollars. See the total rising here:

So, Wolfowitz was off in his calculation by over $400 billion, and now he’s president of the World Bank? He's supposed to be good with money? I'll give him 3 weeks, not for this but for his cronyism as he got his girlfriend a promotion and a big pay raise. Bush is standing behind him, just like he stands behind Alberto Gonzales. The dominoes continue to fall. Who will be next?

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