The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, December 5, 2008


If I had taken the time to go upstairs and plug in a few extension cords, the picture I posted of the house would have looked better. Like this.

The trees upstairs were there already. The candles in the window to the right were prompted by readers.

Lights on the eaves and gables was also suggested, but that would involve a tall ladder. It's not that I don't have a tall ladder, its that I don't do tall ladders. Hanging the 5 wreaths (there is one on the side as well) is about as high as I go.


I have purposely remained silent on the Tommy Tuberville situation and still we don't have all the answers. Sportscasters are saying it doesn't add up. But here is what I think.

Regardless of why Tommy left, and in spite of any bad feelings, Auburn will have a new coach soon. Fans and students will rally around the new guy, and next year will be an emotionally charged year.

Alabama better enjoy their 1 game winning streak against Auburn.

I understand about losing to Alabama. After all, I spent 9 years at Auburn and after my freshman year victory (Punt Bama Punt), my next 8 years saw losses to Alabama (part of Bama's 9 year win streak). So during my "formative" years I learned that the world does not end with a loss to Alabama.

But I also learned that a win (17-16) lives forever (thanks in part to YouTube).

Warrrrrr Eagle!!!


Drew said...

Roll Tide !

Bhamdaniel said...

And I just don't get it! I Just Do NOT get it! WAR EAGLE! But I still don't get it! ...finding a a new coach, bringing in that coach's staff,recruiting with a new coach, starting all over again from scratch is not easy nor will anything come together anytime soon. I HATED that spread, but it was certainly not going to go on much longer. AND even today it remains difficult to recruit outside the conference, when you have only 2 teams that do NOT have the name of the state mixed in, i.e. AU and Vandy! Maybe by 2011...

marlow said...

WARRRRRR EAGLE! Bama fans can talk all they want about this season whoooo hooo you finaly won a game against us! come and talk to me when you win six in row! WAR EAGLE! and bye tubby! we will miss you

Anonymous said...

Roll Tide!!!!!

JEFFRO said...


Anonymous said...

Wow Joe the house does look better with all the lights on. It doesn't have that spooky look. And it wasn't me that suggested the lights on the gables. No tall ladders for me either.