The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lipscomb - Jeffco's "best kept secret"

One candidate for mayor of Lipscomb who was born and raised there proclaims that "There is no doubt in my mind that Lipscomb is Jefferson County’s best kept secret."

That should be your first clue that Deborah Miller is the person to vote for on Tuesday, if you live in Lipscomb. Deborah has lived in Lipscomb all her life, and raised her children there. She understands the values of the community, things like knowing your neighbors by name and looking out for one another. And she has respect for everyone.

She understands that Lipscomb faces serious challenges, and realizes that the Mayor and Council must work together, and must include citizen input in decisions that are made.

Deborah was elected to the City Council in 2004, and in 2007 was appointed Mayor by Governor Bob Riley when the position became vacant. She served for one year and achieved financial stability for the city by paying debts that the city owed. Crime statistics improved during her short term.

This experience in the city government of Lipscomb gives her a heads up in how to manage through these tough economic times. She will not have to learn on the job the basics of running City Hall (which, she says, will be accessible to the public).

Deborah remembers the time in Lipscomb when there were two grocery stores and gas stations and places to eat. But she does not want to go backward. She wants to carry Lipscomb forward, and in doing so will seek to bring those amenities back. Currently the citizens of Lipscomb have to travel outside of the city to obtain groceries or gas or to eat out.

She realizes that in order to bring businesses into Lipscomb that it must be a safe and secure place for people to invest in. Police and fire protection and safety are two of her priorities because without these, business owners will be reluctant to locate to Lipscomb. And recruiting business is important because of the tax money that can generated.

I don't live in Lipscomb but I live on a street that is a main thoroughfare between Bessemer and Lipscomb, and I travel through there frequently on the way to Birmingham or Red Mountain Park or other places.

Once, a few years ago when Lipscomb was having serious leadership problems I suggested making it a part of the city of Bessemer. But I wondered then whether the residents there would want become a part of the Marvel City, because I learned that Lipscomb’s per capita annual income is about $1300 higher and household income about $7000 higher than Bessemer's.

That suggestion was made in 2007 because there was no suggestion that anyone in Lipscomb was willing to assume the type of leadership position that was needed. Soon after that, Deborah Miller was appointed mayor by the governor, and things began to improve.

So we know she has the leadership abilities, we know she has the passion, we know she has the experience needed, and we know she cares for her neighbors.

Bessemer Opinions endorses Deborah Miller for Mayor of Lipscomb. Vote "Deborah Miller" on August 28.

 Learn more at Elect Deborah Miller for Mayor

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